Phantom’s Lair Description

A pond. A small pond in the way of a rocky island inside this desolate cavern of despair. Fog lifelessly sits in place on this dreadful puddle of misery. A broken oar prancing in the ripples of the mossy, muggy waters. A small hickory row boat only big enough for two. Fallen rock from the ceiling makes craters on the dirt ground. Water trickling down every stalagmites above.

A cell. It looks like it was used before but now no signs of life are near. Inside the cell a rickety steel bed with three legs has a very old mattress sits upon ice cold pavement. A throne made out of scraps and pieces of suede and fabric. A base made of a rock, steel and a old rocking chair. On the throne are a mask and cloak.

A knife. A old rusted knife with a layer of dried blood crusted over the edge of the knife. But the look of it knew that when it was used it was kept clean as a whistle.

There is one more thing a music box. But there was something very strange. It didn’t have a scratch on it. It was in perfect shape.

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  1. Dear Ian

    I like your description of this story. Im sure you put time and effort into it because of the great writing. Your use of the short then long sentance strategy made it just that much better. thank you for sharing your writing with the world.

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