Shadow man, Part 4

“Dad?” Richie said with the most confused look on his face.

“I needed to hide out for a little while. I was on the biggest hitmen in the worlds list. Top order. I was ex seal team six. Once I left after 12 years in service I felt something was wrong. A hit man. He had been looking for me because I had exploded a illegal arms dealer three months before I left the military. I had hired a look alike to take you after I bought you ice cream. He willfully knew he was going to die for me. He was a great colleague.”

“I’m shocked.” Richie quietly said. “ I’m at a loss for words”


“Run.” His dad says right before…

Splat! Blood goes everywhere with a bullet strait through Richies dads brain.

When Richie gets home he tells his mom about every.

“It was dad. He he’s here…bu but he he got shot. Blood everywhere!”

Richie got traumatized and went to a mental hospital for 32 years. Nobody knows if he was really telling the truth.


  1. Maybe it was the “look-a-like” that was actually killed. And all the while, Ritchie’s dad was in the room next to Ritchie in the mental hospital, healing from his own horrors of war as a SEAL team 6 member, all those 32 years. Ritchie never realized the stranger comforting him through countless nights of terror at being “alone” in some remote psycho asylum was his Dad all along. And they all lived happily ever after? 🙂

  2. This was so descriptive, I loved how much detail you put. It was a very well thought out story, that I enjoyed. I really hope this is only the beginning of a wonderful and suspenseful story.

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