The Coroner, Part 1 of 2

“Welcome, and thanks for joining Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hospital morgue staff. We hope you’re around for a while. I’ll tell you, we’ve been looking for someone with a… certain expertise,” a nice sounding tour guide said.

“Thanks, I guess?” a brown haired man with a goatee that looked like it was just cleanly shaved said questionably.“Okay, let’s get to work, Joseph,” he mumbled to himself as he slowly stepped into the echoing, chilling and eerie morgue.

He had worked in these death facilities for 8 years but this one felt just a tad different.”possibly a bit cooler I suppose,” he said as a chill ran down his back like a cool river flowing rapidly through a canyon.”sink over here, latex gloves over there. Looks pretty similar to me. Ready to get started tomorrow,”

Joseph went back home that night. Bags around his eyes, slumped over and immediately put on that nice terry cloth robe he got on his trip to Vegas in 2010. He got a glass of Dr.Pepper, watched the 10:00 Family Feud and then went to sleep.

The next morning he got up put on his new Red and Black button down shirt with a MIT logo on the pocket, and some khakis. He got his Prius hybrid and headed to school. He got into the morgue and then went to his office. He sat down in his new leather chair and IKEA Mickey desk and let out a large sigh.

”Beep. Mr. Slayder we need you in the front entrance closest to the hospital. Beep.”

” Okay,” he said as he stood up and stretched his back,” Let’s get going with this,” he starting jogging to the front of the building getting progressively faster. “What do we got?”

” Steven Johnson. Freak helicopter or airplane incident. Found in a small piece of forest just east of here. Confirmed deceased.”

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