The Coroner Part 2 of 2

Once the young, fit, school hottie got to the morgue they started taking blood tests,

”that’s weird. His blood… It’s switching between O positive and O negative on the monitor. Probably just the system.”

He then went on to do a body search,

”large truama on the ribs. Small strikes on the back. Yep this looks like a big fall.”

time flew like a jet plane across the sky. Lunch… dinner then close up shop and go to bed. Something felt wrong with that boy there though,

”I mean he did die. And it is my first patient at the new office.”

He poured himself a glass of his 2-liter Dr.Pepper. But tonight he was tired after sitting at the computer for a while so he didn’t stay up to watch Family Feud and instead went to bed at 9:00.

The next morning he woke up in grumps and groans. Stevens back always hurts when he has more than normal of computer time. When he got to work he sat down and stared at the door that lay behind hold the body.

Suddenly he got his head twisted twice around by a large cockroach like monster. Then the soul gets sucked out of Steven. And the monster is now Stevens body.

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  1. Oh Ian, your imagination is something else!!!!
    I love reading your blogs…
    Enjoy the rest of the school year..
    Love you, Aunt Jan

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