The Girl, Part 3

the look of her pale face frightened me to know end. Her black eyes made it look like I was staring into the face of death.

The next thing I know I was on the ground laying face up. I presume the basketball I dropped scared her off. I pulled my lifeless body of the autumn ground. I attempt to get home as quick as I can as the maroon leaves crunch before my feet. I couldn’t see strait and everything looked as if it were covered in dew.

When I reached home I knew I was as safe as I could be. I plopped over onto my queen sized comfy mattress fully clothed. The intimidation made me drowsy before I even knew it I was in a deep slumber. But I could still hear what was going on. My mom and dad had gotten home from grocery shopping late. I heard them disregard my sleeping and not worry about waking me up.

The next morning I woke up, ate four packets of instants oatmeal, then one bowl of cereal before I was on my way to school. For I knew that day of school I might have some trouble.

The Shadow Man Part 2

It was the day after the boy had gone into the abandoned building. He was walking to school that day still in a slight daze. He didn’t even realize that he accidentally walked strait into Ashton Harrison the infamous school bully.

” Hey butthead. Why don’t you find one of your little freinds to help you out here.” Said Ashton with a grin holding him in a headlock.

“Oh wait you don’t have any friends, Richie.” He erupts with laughter. He never liked being called by his name… Ever since his father was murdered.

He remembers the day he died like it was yesterday. It was a bright sunny day as Richies dad and him were walking down the avenue. Richie was five years old at the time. They had just gotten hot dogs and were having a wonderful day.

Suddenly they heard a loud burst. Richies small ears ached in pain as he looks over and sees his dads brain splattered on the sidewalk. His bloody red eye on Richies shoe. Richie starts crying and looks up and in the blur of his eyes he sees him… the man.

Blues Night

It was a dark Friday night in Chicago. The sky was only lit by diners and motels. The club was one of finest places to go, especially on blues night.

I walk in the club wearing my charcoal grey fedora, one of my favorites. A man in the corner smoking a Prince Albert out of the maroon mahogany of a Peterson. Only he would smoke one of those on blues night. He was notorious for that kind of thing. In the background I hear the original dixie jazz band smothly playing the brasses. Just because he was there I knew something was up.

It was big man Al. He had a circle about 10 feet around with no people . I could’ve arrested Mr.Capone right there and then but I knew I would be dead before I could even touch him. With this autumn night came a heavy downpour. Most left the club early because of the weather. It left me to see his moves. But I had a feeling that he was ahead of me by 10 steps.

I looked over as the band was about to start packing up. I was thinking about getting a good nights sleep. I may have had one to many martinis for tomorrow being another one of those agility trainings on the weekends. And then I suddenly realize that the Al Capone had escaped from my very eyes. I started running out the back exit. Right as I make it out that very door there he is.

” Hows it going rookie. New to the detectives. Want to learn why they needed more of them?

He pulls out a colt .38 super as I pull out my Smith & Wesson .38 special. I was ready for something fishy. The issue was I didn’t know what he had in stock.

” Now what happens is I shoot you and I get away. Sound good.”

I anticipated his shot and ducked. He shot again but only got me in the foot. I immediately shoot back hitting him in his pelvis. He fell to the ground clenching his waist whilst trying to hold a gun.

“Oh, no you got me good right there.” He said in a dosturbing tone of voice.

He whistles and out come three men with Thompson machine guns firing up the place. I quickly ran for shelter. As I got behind one of the alleys dumpsters I looked down and only got shot once in the thigh.

” You did good rookie. See you on the other side.”

He drove away in the Cadillac series V-63 phaeton. As soon as he was out of my vision two cop cars came to pick me up. I was happy but disappointed that they came to get me. I was glad that I could get medical attention. But at the same time I wish I could get thoose dirtbags.

Another time,  another place. I’ll find them. And I’ll fight to get them and put them in the penitentiary for a long, long, time.

The Girl, Part 2

I now knew the police were coming. But I didn’t know what to do. My mind was telling me to get people to help. Although my body just stared. The time flew by fast as a jet flying over my head.  When the police came I told them about the girl and the pale thing. They just told me I was in shock and what happened made my head imagine things. But even if they didn’t believe me I knew I had to figure out this…thing… and what it meant.

When I came home my mom was worried but thankful. She had heard what had happened and told me I was very responsible for calling the cops immediately. I told her thank you and that I just wanted some shuteye. That night I couldn’t rest. My mind could only think of her. And right as I was about to fall asleep I thought of what could happen to me if I wasn’t careful.

The next day after school I told my mom I was going to go practice basketball with my friends. She was suspicious at first then she realized that it was basketball season and let me go. My mom didn’t get out of the house much, though we had a connecting bond. I went to the part of the forest that wasn’t blocked off by highlighter yellow police tape and evidence markers standing on one corner about to go tumbling down. there were no people around. and then I saw it.

The Shadow Man, Part 1

A factory. Run down, beams dropping, the whole thing falling apart. A boy, eight years old. As he rides his bike everyday passing it. One day he got Interested and walked inside. But only to be greeted by squeaking rusted metal. He wandered around feeling like he’s looking for something. He sharply looks to the left as a shadow of someone runs. Confused at what he just saw he rushed home to get supper. He stepped in the door trembling at what he thought he saw.

” What are you doing home so late.”

” Sorry mom I had work to do at school.”

” Since your lazy butt is home so late I’ll make sure to put you to gardening work this weekend.”

” Okay mother.”

He let out a long sigh.

American Sign Language

I have been trying my best to learn American Sign Language(ASL). But to start I had to learn the alphabet. Which in my opinion was super fun and educational.

I have loved learning ASL and I am going to a beginner class for one college credit. Only 63 more to go.

The Girl, Part 1

    So I’ve been having a nightmare about a girl. But this was no regular girl. She could shapeshift into anything and anyone. One day I was walking around my high school campus .

Going to history I saw a girl she looked dazed. I felt compelled to follow her. She was walking in a strait line and wouldn’t stop. She was walking, walking, walking. And  I didn’t even realize but then she jumped. Of the hill to the side of our school. Face blue, eyes forest green, veins popping out everywhere. She was impaled by the largest branch. There was blood everywhere. I gagged but pulled out my cell and call 911.

   ” 911, what’s you’re emergency.”

” A girl. She’s dead.”

” Okay we’re on our way.”

I saw a spirit, a pale white girl run out of her body into the forest.