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The Shadow Man, Part 1

A factory. Run down, beams dropping, the whole thing falling apart. A boy, eight years old. As he rides his bike everyday passing it. One day he got Interested and walked inside. But only to be greeted by squeaking rusted metal. He wandered around feeling like he’s looking for something. He sharply looks to the left as a shadow of someone runs. Confused at what he just saw he rushed home to get supper. He stepped in the door trembling at what he thought he saw.

” What are you doing home so late.”

” Sorry mom I had work to do at school.”

” Since your lazy butt is home so late I’ll make sure to put you to gardening work this weekend.”

” Okay mother.”

He let out a long sigh.

The Girl, Part 1

    So I’ve been having a nightmare about a girl. But this was no regular girl. She could shapeshift into anything and anyone. One day I was walking around my high school campus .

Going to history I saw a girl she looked dazed. I felt compelled to follow her. She was walking in a strait line and wouldn’t stop. She was walking, walking, walking. And  I didn’t even realize but then she jumped. Of the hill to the side of our school. Face blue, eyes forest green, veins popping out everywhere. She was impaled by the largest branch. There was blood everywhere. I gagged but pulled out my cell and call 911.

   ” 911, what’s you’re emergency.”

” A girl. She’s dead.”

” Okay we’re on our way.”

I saw a spirit, a pale white girl run out of her body into the forest.

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