Part 3 of: on a rainy night

His head hurt from hitting the chair, and he was extremely mad at the guards for calling him a twerp. The guards walked off and he was left there. Alone. Except for the person he could see in the cell across from his, who looked extremely strong and angry that he was there. He was glad he wasn’t in that cell, he thought. Or that guy might just beat him up. He was extremely tired and figured he would go to bed. he got on top of the itchy wool sheet and his back was immediately cold, due to the hard metal under neath. 3 years here, he thought. This is going to be a nightmare. He fell asleep very fast.

the next morning he woke up to find that the sun was out and shining bright into the iron bar window of his cell. He wondered what time it was, so he looked down at his watch. “Oh, of course” he said. “They’ve taken it”.  He got up and looked at the cell across from his. The man was gone. He couldn’t believe it. Had he broken out? But how there wasn’t a single scratch anywhere. Then the thought dawned on him. He looked at the cell to the left and right across from his. No one. “Lunch,” he said. He was starving to. When did he get lunch he saw a guard nearing his cell, and asked him, “hey, when do I get lunch”.  “Adult lunch is at 12:00 PM  juvenile lunch is at 1:00 PM”. Said the guard. “Why are they separate”? He asked. “To avoid conflicts between the prisoners”. Said the policeman”.  The policeman walked away. He sat their for another 10 minutes feeling sad. Then two guards came and unlocked his cell. “I’m getting outta here”?! He said. “No” said one of the guards. Where gonna get you your uniform. His heart sank. He just wanted to get out of here. As soon as possible.

The guards took him to a dark room. It was no bigger than a closet with nothing inside. They through a bright orange prison suit at him, and he caught it with one hand. The guard said, “were locking this door, and not opening it until you put on the prison suit.” They closed the door, and he heard the lock shut. He put on the prison suit and knocked in the door. No one answered. He knocked again. Still, no one. He was starting to get worried. He knocked again and said, I have the prison suit on, let me out of here. The locked clicked, and the door opened slowly. But it was not the guard he saw at the entrance to the room, rather a tall man, who looked around the age of thirty, and had a scraggly beard.

“Hello there.” The man said. Behind the man, were 4 other people. a teenager, who looked around 17, another man, who looked around 25, and two others who were wearing masks, and had a gun, each. He stepped out of the room a little, and saw the two guards on the floor, covered in blood. He gasped. He had never seen someone dead before. Ever. “Sorry bout them”. The man said, and dragged the bodies into another room. He motioned to the two men with masks and pointed to the cells. They went over and took keys out of their pockets, then proceeded to unlock all of the cells. The man said, “just come with us and we’ll explain along the way.

the two men finished unlocking all the cells, and prisoners fled out like water  in the rapids. All he could see was a blur of orange. He wondered, where were the guards and police. The next few moments answered his question. He heard sirens, and within seconds swarms of police and swat team memebers came into the jail. He heard screams and gunshots, saw people running near and there, saw police beating up prisoners, and prisoners beating up police. The other three people who had been standing there with him, ran off and joined the fight. What was going on, he thought there were gunshots everywhere and he didn’t know what to do. He was scared. Really scared. He did the only thing he thought was safe. Went back into the closet and closed the door.

the next ten minutes were the worst of his life. He heard screams and shrieks and once or twice something would hit the door. But the thick metal protected him. After 10 minutes he heard a bloodcurdling scream, and then all was quiet. He changed back into his clothes tired of the itchy prison suit, and opened the door. There was so much blood, and so many bodies. He looked towards the right, no one. He looked towards the left, and there was a single figure standing there, in an orange prison suit. BANG!! The figure fell dead on the floor.

he gasped, he didn’t know who had shot him, there was no one there behind the figure when he had died. He walked down the corridors to the front desk, and still no one was there. Everyone was dead, a mix of police, swat team, and prisoners. He walked out the front door. There was no one. He walked down the street and passed the grocery store, careful to stay hidden. He walked all the way back to the bench at the park where it had started. He sat down, and thought back on robbing the store, the run in with police, and jail. He said,”I don’t think I’ll ever forget this.”


Part 2 of: On a Rainy Night

“Suspect apprehended.” The policeman said into the radio. He heard the other policeman run up. He couldn’t here ther conversation very well in the loud, wet, and extremely annoying rain. But heard them say something about… no it couldn’t be… not for this… it wasn’t even that bad of a crime, to go to, “JAIL?!” He exclaimed loudly. ” That’s right, said the policeman, “your going to jail.”

He could not believe it. He had never even seen a jailhouse. He did not know what to expect. But surely he wasn’t going to stay there long, it was only a loaf of bread he had stolen. He asked the policeman, “how long will I be staying in jail?” You’re in for… around 3 years.” “Three years!” He exclaimed, “That’s outrageous!” “Its the law.” Said the police man. “But…” NO BUTS!” Said the policeman. “Now get up and in my car.” He got up very tired and wet and they walked to the policemans car. The first policeman got into the drivers seat and the second shoved him in the back behind thick, grey iron bars and got in the passenger seat. He was astonished. He couldn’t believe he was going to jail. He didn’t understand why they didn’t give him a warning or send him to juvenile jail. Then again, the police department here had no mercy at all.

The drive was long, and and hour after they got in they were still driving. The cold metal handcuffs were starting to burn his wrists. He wondered what jail would be like. How often would they give him food, who his cell mate would be, if the food wold be good and the beds warm and cozy. Of course not. This was jail. They want to make you suffer, he thought. SCREECH!! The car had halted to a stop in front of a loooonnnggg bridge with a gate. And it was really long. He couldn’t see the end of it. The policeman got out, went over to some sort of technology thing sticking out of the ground, showed it his police badge, and the gate opened. He got back in the car and they were off, across the bridge.

The drive across the bridge felt endless. And hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, finally. They had reached a building. Not a pretty building with a beautiful design and a warming welcome but a dark, glum, grimace, giant, stone, prison. He felt like he was sinking into quicksand and he couldn’t get out. Even though he was completely dry from the long car ride. As soon as they got out, he was drenched within seconds. They walked through heavily guarded doors, guarded by armored guards with machine guns. This was way to much for a stolen loaf of bread. As they walked in the second and third set of guarded doors he got a look at the inside of the jail. It was a huge place with corridors left and right he saw the lunch room and a few other rooms he didn’t recognize. On front of him was a desk with a man sitting behind it. The two police and him walked up to the desk. “Caught this one stealing bread from a grocery store.” one of the policeman said. “Very well.” the man said in a gruff unwelcoming voice. “We will take him from here.” “Guards, take him to his cell.” Two men came out of a room with guns and took him firmly by the wrists, aching from the handcuffs. They took him far down a corridor and into the depths of the prison. He saw hundreds of cells, all housing 2 prisoners each. while some prisoners would try to resist, being walked to there cell, he did not. For two reasons. The men had guns. Big heavy machine guns. And he was 15, while they looked to be at least 30. The two men stopped abruptly, And turned him around to face his cell. The cell was dirty, covered with spider webs and grime. there was a bunk bed, a hole, which he guessed was the toilet, and a single table and two chairs. One of the guards took a key out of his pocket, opened the cell door, took the boys handcuffs off, snickered “welcome home”, and shoved him in. His foot hit one of the bed posts, and he tripped knocked over the table and one chair, and fell on the ground with a thump. “clumsy little twerp!” The guards laughed.

To be continued in part 3

On a Rainy Night…

It was a rainy night on 5th avenue with the black clouds looming overhead like someone had blocked out all the good and happiness from the world. On a small park bench sat a boy no older than 15 twiddling his thumbs. His close were ragged, ripped, and wet from all the rain. He was skinny and his face was covered in dirt. He took the grimy one dollar bill out of his pocket that he had found on the side walk one day and stared down at it. Then out of his other pocket he took three pennies, a nickel, and four dimes. “One dollar and forty eight cents,” “Barely enough for a box of gum.” He said drooply. He had to try, he thought, maybe the grocery store had lowered their prices. So he got up and began to walk to the grocery store about 4 blocks down.

As he was walking, he noticed some kids playing in the rain and having all the fun in the world. He wished that was him, playing in the rain -and having fun -and having people who loved, and cared for you -and the taste of warm hot Chocolate -and fresh bread -and SMACK!! His head burned with pain as he realized he had hit his head on a sign post. He felt a large bump where he had hit the post and groaned, arrgghh. He kept walking rubbing the bump on his head, still thinking, but keeping a very close eye on where he was going as to not hit another sign post. He thought about his family, and wondered who they were, he hadn’t known them, they left him on the side of the street when he was only two years old. The only way he had survived was people occasionally giving him food when he was young. When he had turned eight he started begging on the street for food and water but got very little. He was surprised that he had even survived for this long. he finally reached the grocery store after what seemed like eternity and walked In.

It was a massive place, and a problem presented itself, he wanted bread, but where was it? He had been here only once before, to get water. The prices at the other grocery store were much cheaper. However since that store went out of business, this was his only option.  He looked around and spotted an employee. He walked over and asked, “excuse me sir, but where can I find some bread?” “The bread is three aisles from the left.” The employee said without even looking at him. One, two, three. he walked down the aisle and found the bread. His heart sank as he looked at the price, $5.50. He was starving, he hadn’t eaten for days. He needed this. Desperately. He looked out the window at the pouring rain. He looked at the bread, taunting him.

He had made up his mind. He was going to steal the bread. He didn’t care, he was going to die of starvation if he didn’t. He took the bread and started heading for the front doors. he passed the checkout line and started running. One of the employees said, “hey, stop him!!!!” he kept running, he didn’t care, he needed this and he wasn’t going to let anyone stop him. He heard the employee say, “call the police! “We have a shoplifter on the loose!!”

The police were faster than he’d expected. They were on his tail in minutes. 2 of them running as fast if not faster than himself. His stupid shoes all rugged and ripped, were slowing him down. It was still pouring rain, but it was much worse. He was drenched and cold. Suddenly a huge gust of rain and wind came right at him. It knocked him to the ground with extreme force. He saw the bread slide out of his hand, fall to the ground, and get drenched by the rain. His back was aching with pain, and he couldn’t take it. Keep going, he told himself, get up and keep running, it’ll all be okay… BAM!! He felt something hard hit him on the stomach and turn him around. he felt cold wet metal around his wrists. And he heard the voice speak over the radio, “suspect apprehended.”

Spring Break

I am really looking forward to spring break for these two reasons: Were going to Hawaii, and no school!

When my parents are told me we are going to Hawaii, I freaked out! I was so happy and excited. Now, this is not the first time I have been to Hawaii, we went a few years back and it was completely amazing! That time we were on the big island, which is like the main one(I forget what the official name is). However this time we are going to a different island called Maui. It is not as large as the big island but I’m still super looking forward to it, to see all the wildlife, volcanoes, beaches. With this awesome trip just nine days away, I still can’t wait and am super excited!

No school:
Another reason I’m super happy for spring break is… NO SCHOOL!!!!! I am so happy to get a week and a bit off without the bother of constant homework, tests and just in general being stressed out. Obviously, you can’t get rid of school but I think getting this week and a bit off is good enough to get distracted from school and have your mind on other things besides homework and tests.

Overall I am super excited for spring break (even though I think it should be longer) and wish it would come sooner!

Higher Ground

This is a song called Higher Ground by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and it is one of my favorite songs.

The moment I heard this song around a year ago now I was amazed by how purely awesome this song is. It is and will probably remain to be one of my favorite songs ever. So this tune isn’t really an original from RHCP. The original song is by Stevie wonder and was released in 1973 on the album innervisions, with the RHCP version released in 1989. Both versions are really awesome, with the Stevie wonder version being a lot less heavy, and the RHCP version being more rock/funk. The RHCP versions also starts with the famous slap bass intro by the famous RHCP bassist, Flea. But in the Stevie wonder version there is no slap bass intro. Another part I would like to mention is the end right after they play the last chord the guitarist goes in to this chord progression an octive up E,G,A,G twice and then the band comes in for another four times which also doesn’t happen in the Stevie wonder version.
There is also a frequent use of a Wah peddle in this song used by the guitarist. You can. Here it best when the guitar comes in at the beginning with the really cool riff he plays. Wah peddles were also frequently used by Jimi Hendrix.

I don’t know what it is about this song that makes it so awesome. Whether it’s the awesome riffs or great singing but I think it all comes together to create a fantastic tune that people will never forget.

Rogue One

I recently saw Rogue One (the new Star Wars movie) and would like to give my thoughts on the movie.

So Rogue on takes place after Revenge of the Sith and before A New Hope. The story is that the Rogue team is trying to get the Death Star plans for something, I can’t remember. But Jyn Erso’ s dad,(Galen Erso)who was the head engineer for the Death Star, placed a secret weakness in the middle of the Death Star that if you hit it will blow up the entire Death Star, the one that Luke hits in A New Hope. (The story follows the two main characters Jyn Erso, and Cassian Andor. But my favorite character by far in the movie is K-2SO the repurposed imperial droid. The amount of personality he has is awesome and he really has a mind of his own. Not to mention he’s a really good fighter. Some other characters who are sort of Side characters but play a important role are Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus, and Bodhi rook. I don’t want to spoil the movie too much but some characters from the original movies show up and there is a lot of nods and Easter eggs that reference the original trilogy. Another type of trooper shows up quite a bit in this movie. They are called death troopers, and they are completely awesome. They have black armor, and they fight at the battle at Scarif (which in my opinion is one of the coolest fights in all of Star Wars).

Overall I think Rogue One is a really good movie and shows the importance of getting the Death Star plans really well. Because after all I would want to try and stop a giant planet killing machine too.

The Phantom of the Opera

We recently finished studying the Phantom of the Opera, and watched the movie, So I would like to give my thoughts on the movie.

So I think the movie was ok and had good castings for the characters. However… the Phantom was a complete let down for me. The main thing that I think they could’ve done better is actually made his mask a full mask like on the poster for the movie! why on earth would they make it a half mask!!!!
That makes me so mad!!! And I liked the movie but I think there needed to be a little less singing and more actually talking, But it is a movie about a Phantom in an OPERA so singing would be expected. However I do like the plot and how they designed the phantom’s lair. But I would’ve liked the Opera to be bigger. The stage was kind of small for an Opera and there should’ve been more seats on the main floor.

So you may think at this point that I don’t like the movie.
It’s not that I don’t like it, I think it’s a pretty good movie. It’s just the Phantom is a let down and some things just aren’t quite right to me. But that’s just my opinion.

Solo and Ensemble

Solo and ensemble is in about three months I think, and I’d like to talk about it.

Solo an ensemble is a sort of competition against yourself where you perform a solo by yourself, and an ensemble with a group for a judge. I did it last year in band and now I am doing it this year again. I am playing a piece called ARIA on alto saxophone and I really like it. I don’t know about an ensemble though. I know that there is a few different ratings the judge can give you. I can’t quite remember what they are but I know that 1 is the highest rating you can get.

I am excited about solo and ensemble and look forward to doing it again.

A Christmas Carol

We are currently reading A Christmas Carol by: Charles Dickens in english class, and I like the book so far.

I like that the book is following a negative character rather than a positive one, because most stories follow a positive character. The book is a bit hard to understand, which is understandable because it was written in the 1800s. I also like how the book has a deeper meaning to almost everything dickens says. I also am amazed that the book changed the christmas holiday, and made it more relevant.

I think this book is really good and I am excited to
See the movie.

The holidays

The holidays are coming up and im very excited.

Apart more my dad and my’s trip to Hong Kong/Cambodia
I am happy we just get a break from school. Since my dad and I will be gone for two weeks[including christmas eve and Christmas day] and my sister and mom will be in california
For a band competition, We have decided to have christmas sometime else. But I don’t want alot of presents because my parents said they prefer to have my present be going to Hong Kong/Cambodia. Which is perfectly fine with me.

I think this trip will definitely be on my list
Of best trips ever.