The Roman Colosseum

Recently I have been reading “Wonders of the Ancient World” by Justin Pollard. So I thought I would write about the Roman Colosseum, or by its original name the Flavian Amphitheatre.

Yes, it wasn’t until the 2nd century C.E. until it was known as the Colosseum(it was built and completed in the 1st century C.E.). The Colosseum was completed in the rule of Titus, the second emperor of the Flavian Dynasty, hence it was named Amphitheatrum Flavium. 

The Colosseum was a big breakthrough in architecture, it was the first amphitheatre to not be made on a natural slope. It also provided the basis for modern stadiums today.

When the Colosseum had events, there were 3 main stages. In the morning, slaves hunted and were hunted by animals. Around noon, any prisoners that needed execution were done. These executions were done in many ways to please the crowd. The biggest event though, the gladiatorial games, were done in the afternoon. These were done in one on one fights with only two gladiators, or it was done with more gladiators and/or animals. These games actually were not fought to the death, normally.  The Colosseum represents Rome’s might, and you now know  that includes a lot of violence.


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  1. I learned some things about the Colosseum that I didn’t know before. Thanks for your post!

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