Reading Facts and The Lord of the Rings

I remember reading an article a while ago which explained very interesting facts about how much Americans read. I couldn’t find the article online today but I do remember some of the facts. The facts that were provided are included but not limited to: 1/3 of Americans don’t read a book ever again after high school, 42% of Americans don’t read a book after college, most Americans haven’t walked into a book store in the past 4 years, and 50% of all books read by Americans are never finished. I wanted to write this post because I almost didn’t read the rest of The Lord of the Rings. I thought I was just going to watch the movies, but I decided to finish it when I got bored of reading about ancient history — for now.

It was hard for me to start reading The Lord of the Rings again, not only does it contain 3 volumes of about 400 pages each, but it has 450 words per page! The average book only has 250. I certainly wouldn’t have started the book if I was reading for 700 pages and not 700 minutes. It is also weird why The Hobbit movies have 3 of them and are about the same length as The Lord of the Rings, despite there being a huge difference in the length of the books.

I do not imagine however, that you did not know that Americans neglect reading. Everybody knows that, but this might have put it into perspective. And I am also sure you knew that the youngest Americans are the ones that contribute the most to the facts I described. It seems we are are just as ignorant at reading than we are at certain blog posts, or are we more neglectful at certain blog posts.


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One thought on “Reading Facts and The Lord of the Rings

  1. Hi Ian,

    I really enjoyed your post! I’m not surprised at all that many Americans do not read as much as they should. I try to read at least two books a month, but sometimes I get so busy that I fall behind.

    I am glad that you picked LotR back up, it is one of my favorite book series. I first read it when I was about your age and I remember feeling the same way. The books are so long! I read the books again in college and I think I may try and read them again soon! If you like history and LotR, I suggest checking out The Silmarillion (if you haven’t already). Some parts are a little boring and it took me a long time to get through, but I am glad I did because it provides interesting background information related to LotR and Middle Earth!

    Ms. Peterson

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