The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

All 7 of the commonly known ancient wonders have origin stories, except for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Experts aren’t exactly sure what it was, how it worked, who created it, or even where it was. The name of the wonder suggests it was in Babylon, but it could also have been in Nineveh. Some sources claim it was Nebuchadrezzar II who built it, but others claim it was Sennacherib. The garden may have existed on tiered steps, but there is no evidence that historians have agreed proves anything about the wonder.

Hanging gardens were one of three types of gardens in the ancient world, along with game reserve gardens and gardens for people to enjoy. It could have been possible that hanging gardens got their strange names from a mistranslation of the Greek word for overhanging, kremastos. And like the Hanging Gardens at most likely Babylon or Nineveh, not much is known about them. But the Hanging Gardens at Babylon or Nineveh, based on sources mentioned by my book, was structured similarly to ziggurats, a Mesopotamian stepped pyramid. It is assumed that water started at the top and made its way down the tiers, so water would’ve had ┬áto be pumped to the top. Ancient sources claim an Archimedean screw was used to pump the water from a local river to the top, but there is still no official evidence.

As for who made it, the two main suspects are Nebuchadrezzar II of the Babylonians or Sennacherib of the Assyrians. A possible story was that Nebuchadrezzar’s wife was sick of not being in the mountains where she grew up, so Nebuchadrezzar ordered the construction of their own mountain. However, there is no evidence in Babylon that suggests of great gardens existing there, while there are recovered tablets suggesting of great gardens in Nineveh. Some experts say that ancient writers confused the two Mesopotamian cities and led to this name. However, there is still no evidence that proves anything.

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