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Today, we would ridicule a tv show if it was still in black and white. But we wouldn’t do that if our whole world was in black and white. And because of that, I feel that I am expected to write something more meaningful than that color is just a property of objects that helps us but is not indispensable. But that is exactly what I am going to do.

A true world without color is utterly boring. But I am not talking about the black and white television world. I’m talking about this world :

Photo by me

That is the true world without color, since white is just all colors combined and black is no color at all. But in The Giver, people can still see. I’m sure that Lois Lowry intended and everyone interpreted that their vision was like black and white television. So that’s what I will assume is “The World without Color” in this post. In that case, my viewpoint changes completely. To me, life would be worse without color, but it wouldn’t be a game changer. In fact, I believe that the lack of color in The Giver supports my argument. Whenever the people decided to go into Sameness, they must have removed color because it makes everything more alike while they can still function properly as human beings. You would still be able to see a moving bicycle and know not to cross the street or to see an apple fly through the air. It would just be a little different.

Color is just a property of an object. Look at the color and the black and white photo. In the latter, you can still make out the clouds, the sunshine, the lily pads, the tree, and the water. I’m not saying a black and white world isn’t worse than one with color, but is it really that different?

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