Seventh Grade Review

I took seven classes in seventh grade. Some were actually fun. Others were ok. But from an overall perspective, seventh grade was a nine-month period of learning interesting things, learning boring things, relief, and stress.

To start things off, let’s look at the boring things I learned in seventh grade. This encompasses everything I learned in math. Some of the boring things I learned in math were: y=mx+b, slope=change in y/change in x, clear all fractions when solving an equation, m or k=slope, b=y-intercept, a=x-intercept, and the distance formula is d=the square root of the difference of the second x value and the first x value squared plus the difference between the second y value and the first y value squared. What a nightmare.

Now we can look at some of the more interesting things I learned in seventh grade. This includes some of the things I learned in Latin, robotics, and other computer classes. In Latin, I learned that the following words and phrases come from Latin: AM, PM, receive, perceive, deceive, peninsula, deity, mortal, immortal, aquatic, capture, captivity, and manufacture. I learned a little bit about computer programming in robotics and my computer classes. So much better than the first body paragraph.

It has been nine months since I started seventh grade. And a lot has happened since then. So much has happened that it is very difficult to find something not generic to represent seventh grade. So to end this entry/blog post is a generic statement: for the most part, it was harder than sixth grade.

P.S. Just like in stories, I’m going to tie the last part back to the first with a website you’ve never been before.

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One thought on “Seventh Grade Review

  1. Nice touch: the tie back to the beginning!

    And I like the fact that you included concrete examples in your composition. Well done!

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