A Childish Dream

She stepped out and drew her breath

As she faced the long city streets.

The cold, crisp air whirled around her

As she walked down the busy sidewalk.


A thousand lights flashed in her face

And in their colorful light she smiled.

There were advertisements for all of the shows,

Most of which she had seen.


She remembered the last notes of all the final songs

And wished that she, too could feel the stage lights shining on her.

But for now she made do with the bright lights of the city.

She sighed with hope that it would come,

The day when she was rewarded with a standing ovation

For all of her hard work and dedication.


And she got a chill, out in the cold night air.

There she stood, in Times Square

And the air filled with music from her silly, childish wishes.

With that, the first snow fell

Leaving her optimistic heart full of foolish dreams.


And though she was aware of the trying road she took

She knew that even if the sky darkened, the city would remain just as bright.

About me!…..

1. I’m in theatre and currently I’m playing Ariel.

2. I love to sing.

3. Ive always been pretty good at anything in the arts.

4. I’m a twin. (She’s the sporty one).

5. I’m in orchestra, and I play the cello.

6. Im currently taking Latin because I’m sure it’ll be very useful one day….. heh……

7. I’m pretty much addicted to Starbucks.

8. I was technically in the news once.

9. I live in a circular house.

10. I’ve lived in Hawaii for a year.

Blackout poetry

She had a voice

She had a voice. She called softly “can you understand me?” She began to doubt her reasoning. She asked, not one turned her way. But she reminded herself, and hopefully held out a pleading hand.