My Dream Travel Location

The bustling on the cobblestone streets, the people laughing and smiling, the Eiffel Tower lit up at night.

Ever since I was younger, I have always wanted to visit France. I want to hear the languid foreign language, see the historic places, be fascinated by the people around me. There is so much to see and experience.

I have never been out of this country before. I have never been indulged in the cultures and histories of a different place. And while I am very blessed to have food to feed me, clothes to dress me, and a roof over my head to shelter me, that is the thing I want the most.

I currently take French this year in 7th grade, hoping that I could then take a trip in high school to this extravagant city and understand more about the French people. I love how everyday I find myself becoming more and more sophisticated in the language.

I can’t wait until the day I go to France and learn more about a piece of this world, for the world is just a puzzle waiting to be put together.


A Day in the Forest Poem

The trees sway; a silent metronome to the rhythms of life.

The soft orange, pink, and yellow of dawn rises steadily above the hill,

It’s bright bright rays reaching the edge of a clearing of Aspens.

A cardinal chirps to his loved one, singing her a sweet melody.

A fox sneaks out of his hole, looking for a meal.

The trees sway; a silent metronome to the rhythms of life.

The whole forest awakens from its slumber.

The sun is now high in the sky,

The cardinals work to build their nest,

The fox sniffs out plump rabbits,

The trees sway; a silent metronome to the rhythms of life.

Now the soft orange, pink, and yellow of dusk descends steadily below the hill,

It’s bright rays pulling away from the edge of the Aspen clearing.

The cardinals warm each other in their nest,

The fox snuggles with its kits,

The trees sway; a silent metronome to the rhythms of life.

The whole forest sleeps back into its slumber.



Some people say that when you are nervous it feels like butterflies in your stomach.

But I think that is wrong. Butterflies barely brush against your conscience, lightly touching your stress. I think nervousness feels like a thousand stampeding bulls, charging at full speed.

People will get nervous when they have to perform something, take a test, or have their work shown to others. I have stage fright, and sometimes will get super scared about what others think of me when I perform.

While nervousness sounds bad, I think we have to get feel that tingling in bodies every once in a while. I believe that if we were confident about everything in life, then we would end up being very disappointed with ourselves.

If we were perfect at every single thing we did, then where would we have room to grow and learn from our mistakes? How would we be able to respect others for their help? How would we be able to even give help at all? Whenever anger has taken over me I think about these questions inside my head and say, if we were perfect, then we would not be human.

So next time when you are nervous that you are going to make a mistake in front of a crowd, think of all the hard work you’ve accomplished, the kind people who assisted you, and how you can learn from your mistakes.

Because we all know that we should be thankful, no matter what comes in our way.


I love drawing. It cures the disease of boredom, but it also allows your creativity to shine. I love drawing, even if I am bad at it.

Drawing calms me. It lets all my emotions flow onto paper like a river to an ocean. I can let my mind wander to wherever my drawings take me, like under a old oak tree, reading to my hearts content or a meadow filled with flowers and an endless blue sky.

I will sometimes look off of websites or videos to help me draw. It is occasionally exciting to see what others have done. I have posted below a video of how to draw a daisy, which I have found to be very simple and fun.

Sometimes we will seek help from others and find that we never could have done it without them.

I hope you like it!

Music: The Language of Millions

The swooning, melodious sound of creative individuals working together or alone to craft something that the whole world will enjoy. Music is the light of this earth, the thing that makes you think deeper, celebrates occasions, cheers you up when you are upset.

The universal thing about music is that no matter where you are from, what your backgrounds are, or what your race is, music is for everyone. Music to me has one big purpose: to bring people together. Whether you’re at a football game with your friends hearing a band play, sitting in your car with your family listening to the radio, or playing in an orchestra blending in with the other instruments, if you listen carefully you will be able to truly understand how hard people work to give you that minute or so of ¬†your favorite song or piece of music.

Music has impacted my life in a huge way. I play flute for my middle school band and it is my favorite part of the day when I pick it up to play. I always knew that I wanted to be a flute player the minute I signed up band in 6th grade. When I came in to try out for what instrument I would play, I went straight to the flute tryouts. When I first saw the judge’s flute, I was inspired. I loved the way it glimmered in the light and played so prettily. When the judge gave me the flute head joint however, I couldn’t make a sound. That was expected, of course, and it didn’t put me down. But when the judge looked at the mark I had made after I played it, she said I could never be a flutist. She said that my upper lip had a ‘teardrop’, which is too much of a curve in the middle of your lip. I was crushed. Throughout the rest of the tryouts I tried playing other various instruments, but I could not get over the flute. In the end, I picked French horn, the only instrument I could make a sound on.

Thank goodness for Mrs. Glover. At the tryouts, she noticed that I was upset about my instrument choice, and she invited me to try out the instruments one more time. I tried both the French horn and the flute again. Mrs. Glover said that I could be a great flute player. I was overjoyed.

Playing the flute has taught me many things: perseverance, gratitude, strength, and courage. Sometimes I look back and wonder how different my life would be if I played French horn.

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.