Everyone has a favorite season; some prefer Autumn’s warm leaves, Winter’s frosted windows, or Summer’s fun vacations, depending on where they live. I personally favor Spring in Texas, and I think it is the best season of them all.

The first reason is the weather. The grass turns greener and wildflowers start to bloom all around. It’s beautiful, watching the cold of winter being swept away. The sun comes out and it is never too hot nor too cold, just the right temperature. Events almost never get canceled due to rain, leading to more fun for everyone. Just watching the dew reflect rays of warm light is enough to love spring.

Another reason is spring break. The length of spring break is perfect. You never forget anything you learned in school, but it is still enough time to travel and have fun. This year over spring break I am going to Washington DC, and I am super excited. Spring break gives you an opportunity to do things you’ve never tried before.

Spring is a very fun and warm season, and I love to watch it go by. Autumn, winter, and summer are very beautiful in its own ways, but spring outshines them all. What is your favorite season?

One thought on “Spring

  1. I love spring too but mostly because that’s when my birthdays is. I also love it because theirs a bunch of baby animals. It’s also a great time to go on a trip.

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