Random Acts of Kindness

Whether it is just a bright smile at someone you don’t know very well or organizing an entire fundraiser to stop a disease, random acts of kindness change the world. In my English class we are starting a Random Acts of Kindness log where we do something kind every day for three weeks, and I encourage you to join us.

It does take some courage to be benevolent, but it makes a big impact. One time, me and a group of girls went to the public library and made thank you cards for all of the librarians and workers there. We snuck them into the book drop and it was so worth it just to see the overjoyed looks on their faces. Another time when there was a new family moving into my neighborhood, my family made cookies and brought them to our new neighbors, and we became friends ever since.

What can you do to spread kindness around you? Over time, you will surely see a change. Whether it takes 5 minutes or 5 hours to plan, it doesn’t take a lot to make someone’s day better. And then people will remember what you did for them for a long time, and maybe even do something kind for someone else too.

“We rise by lifting others.” — Robert Ingersoll

2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Great Job Ingrid! I really liked the quote at the bottom. Not a lot of people do that,but I think it adds a certain element to your writing. Keep up the ingritastic work:)))

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