Adventures In Your Imagination

First you are in a desert. The hot sand stings your eyes as it is pushed around by the raging wind.  The blazing sun burns your skin, turning it a bright red. All you can see for miles around is dry, barren land.

Now you are swept into a lush forest. The green leaves from the tall trees make shadows that dance across the grass. You can hear the trickling of water from a crystal clear stream nearby.

You suddenly find yourself in a palace. The intimidating walls are trimmed with gold, and the grand floors have intricate designs carved delicately into them. Small tables hold vases of the prettiest flowers in all the land. People dance gracefully for hours.

You’re delighted to see that you have come across an ocean. The salty waves spray on you and wet your clothes, and you climb along the rocks that jut up from the water. The seagulls above you sing loudly but gracefully as they glide over the beach.


Sometimes the places we visit don’t have to be real. The adventures you take in your imagination make them all the more worth it.



The warm glow that lights the inside of you, makes you feel better about yourself, makes you laugh. A smile can enliven a room, banishing all doubts and regrets. A smile simply states that someone is feeling sunny and wish to pass it on.

Smiling is like a cozy blanket, the warmth that it ignites in you stays with you for as long as you will allow it. When someone smiles at you you’re more likely to smile at the next person you see.

A smile indicates happiness, and what more can we be than happy? This world has no room for anger or frustration, so be that smiley person everyone adores, be that child in the hallway who smiles at everyone they pass, and make this world a better place, one grin at a time.

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”  — Ben Sweetland

Through the Window

Through the window that has been soaked with cold rain, absorbed by golden sunlight, and chilled by winter’s bite, you can see universes, depending on where you are.

I have seen dry deserts and lush forests all through a window; the tallest mountains and the lowest valleys through this device. You’re only limit is your sight.

People have used these tools for every situation. A girl probably stares out a window right now, bored of her long car ride. Or a family is watching a beautiful sunset from their dining room, amazed at how the clouds sparkle. Even a widow could be leaning against the cold glass watching the rain as it falls, slowly, gloomily.

I encourage you to look through every window that you can, and explore more of this world.