Band Is Best

All of your worries are washed away immediately once the music starts. Every day when I go to band class in 3rd period, I find myself swept up in the exhilaration of adding the sound of my instrument to the piece. I can hardly begin to describe it, but band is the best elective.

The first reason that band is the best is because it becomes very familiar to you very quickly. Even on bad days, I can always look forward to coming into the warm band hall and sitting in my assigned seat. Band is always like a tether for me when I am frustrated or sad, and I will pick up my flute for a while when I have a bad day. I know that once I pick up my flute and play the music we have worked so hard on that everything will be alright, and I have found that I have gotten so used to the green walls and smell of wood that I am always calmed when I play.

In addition, you can make lots of good friends in band. You get to know all of the people you work with and really have a great time with them. I have made so many friends in band that I wouldn’t even know if I hadn’t chosen it as my elective. Band has in a way made me a stronger and ¬†better person because of it. ¬†

Also, band teaches you perseverance. Learning to pursue an instrument takes lots of practice and patience. I love practicing because I know it makes me a better player, and in a way the perseverance has helped me with studying for other classes and doing my homework right away. I have even found that I have made better grades in all of my classes.

Overall, I believe that band is the best fine arts elective, and I will continue in band for a long time.