Hey guys this is my first LWTH (Last Week This Happend) so cut me some slack. Starting of, PUBG on Xbox got the full map release for Sanhock a more fast paced version of the original map Erengel, this mode was designed to be more fast paced similar to Fortnite Battle Royal’s conept. Next up Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige, last week the new operation got released for all console’s Operation Grim Sky. This new season brought us two new operators Mavrick and Clash and a complete rework of the old map Herford Base, and to be honest the rework was pretty much as expected but what the new map brings out the most is that there are two staircases that lead upstairs and not just one this means that the playstyle of this map changed copleatly. Last but most definitely not least Fortnite, who else here is excited about the new season that is upcoming? The new seasons here in only 12 days! It will be over before you know it. Before I end off there is one last thing about Fortnite, I don’t think I need to ask you but…are you ready for the suppressed scar?! I know it’s a definite yes but still I think its going to be a little but overpowered. Well thank you for reading this week’s LWTH and see you next time.

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