Cluttered with dehydrated leaves, stepping on them listening to their veins crippling.

Sun as hot as fire, charring my dark chocolate brown hair, horses swiftly galloping through the weeds.

Prickly cactus erupting with water inside, barns filled with this and that. Beige grass like you’ve never seen it before.

I can smell the crummy, dirt road air filling my nose.

But I love it there.

Yes. I. Do.



I love taking photos. I may want to choose it as a career, but that may change. I don’t care what or who I’m taking a photo of I just like taking photos. In fact, I got a camera for my birthday but it broke.😕 So I’m now just saving up for a new one. It may take a while for me to save up though.😉


Breakaway Beyond the Goal

I’m reading a book called “Breakaway Beyond the Goal” by Alex Morgan. This book is about Alex Morgan’s way to fame and success. She describes how her and her team got to the top and the World Cups she has been to. I love soccer and love playing it so this book is perfect for me. Anyway, she tells the readers about how she got into soccer and about her soccer environment as a kid. She says “ I don’t like softball, I like soccer. I like to run.” Pg. 6. Every day, her and her dad always used to practice together, even though her dad never played soccer. Ever. But he got used to it and started to get the hang of it. First, she played for the AYSO,  ( it’s like the YMCA) then she got in to the collage Cal. So, of course she played there. I’m not yet done with this book, I really want to finish it.

Soccer Link

I love to play soccer, the defense, the scoring, the victories. I love it all. This video above will show you how to juggle the ball with Alex Morgan. If you want to learn more go to this site!


Rain ☔️

      The rain just won’t go away! On my weather app it said the rain won’t go until next Wednesday! I guess we need it, but it is kind of getting old. My favorite kind of weather is, you guessed it, the rain! Even though sometimes I want the sun back. I feel like the rain should only come in the fall, which is coming up. But I also believe that fall is a time for Pumpkin Spice lattes and Thanksgiving.