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My original poem

Dogs are the animal for me

The smell of sweet dog shampoo filled the air

And sheds of hair laid everywhere

as we started to leave with frown on our face

We saw a dog that soon would be showered with lace


She look like a coconut I said while kisses showered my head

No my sister said I think mango sounds right

Lacey my mom exclaimed and that was right

With a heavy heart we left her their to get her shots

Out the door we went and down the street for a bed

To small to big to fluffy too much color too much… oh nothing

bed after bed we found the right one and back to the kenal

Finally at last she ours after what seemed and eternity

It was done And could not be undone


Authors note:

This poem was inspired by the true love of my life my dog. It took me awhile to find out what I loved more but in the end it was always my dog. Rhyme was never my intention but it found its way in. If you ever try to write a poem I have one piece of advice, pick a topic and stay with it if you have lots of favorite things you’ll switch till you have 5 ideas.

All about me

  1. I love to dance
  2. I love sushi
  3. I hate carrots
  4. if u ate a Carrot infront of me I would explode
  5. i love dogs
  6. I have 1 dog
  7. I have a sister at UT DALLAS
  8. I want a pet ferret
  9. I love Salad
  10. i can’t stand people who Type w/ NOT WITH