Loki & Fenrir

As I tracked my way through the mud towards the massive cave, The red Valhalla seeping from the cracks came into view. I flinched at the sight, but kept my pace towards the cave. My head held high, I lunged the hefty chain across the mud, coming to a stop a few feet from the cave. I could feel the heat radiating off of the cave, clarifying that there was fire down below. I waited until the other members of my party caught up, before finishing the trudge to the cave. The slight drizzle I witnessed before, enhanced into a full storm the closer I got, forcing us to work a little harder than we already were to get into the cave. We took our final rest beside the cave entrance. I don’t remember if I felt sweat dripping down my face, tears streaming down my eyes, or the water hitting my face from the storm. A few members of our scarce party parted to pray for their lives, while the rest of us took those sacred moments we had left to breathe before going into full battle with this creature. I still remember the look on everyone’s face before we plunged into the unknown. A look of sheer terror and confusion. But there in their eyes were a look of braveness they took on for the sake of their countries. We entered the cave, refusing to look back, our heads high. The closer we got, the more easily it was to walk without the fear of falling into lava right below us. We came face to face with Fenrir before long, and as he rose from his sleeping position, she stared straight into our eyes, chilling us to the bone. He released a screech, assuming we came with food. A few men dropped a bear at his feet, and stepped away slowly. As he ate, tearing the meat apart, he watched as I and others wrapped a chain around him. His shoulders began to tense, and we all stopped. He demanded someone’s hand in his jaw, assuming the chain wasn’t able to be broken easily. After minutes of silence, I stepped up. I gave the chain to the nearest man, and tumbled down towards him. I placed one arm in his mouth, and the other on the side of his jaw. I looked into his emerald eyes, and rubbed the side of his face. Once the min finished, they all looked at me as if I was crazy. The truth was, I was crazy. He tried to wrestle free from the chains, but once he realized he couldn’t, he chomped down onto my arm. Sheer pain engulfed me as I let out a scream and fell backwards onto the stone rock. The men worked frantically as they threw a sword into his mouth, carefully placing it between his jaws. Two men picked me up, and we exited the cave, leaving behind a screeching creature. Even though I felt so much more than just a little pain, I felt a sense of relief to finally have the journey over.

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