Fake Happy 🙃

            Fake happy


Smile children

Smile because your going to die

Why do we live

You understand the violence in this cruel world


People are gone

Gone in a speck

Just imagine a mother at her daughters funeral

People would understand each other

Ha your wrong

They don’t



Love to hate yourself

Love to love yourself

Hate or love

A Choice that our species pick dally

We shouldn’t have too

We should love to care about humanity


Pills pills pill

Enormous or micro

Makes us happy

Take many or none


Do you want to get better

The feeling in satisfaction

You feel everything

You don’t understand


Caring is not sharing

Caring is showing affection

Showing that you have feelings

Feeling to help


Help the people with things

Maybe after we clean this place

It will get better

Maybe we can choose the happy thoughts

Over the bad ones

After this period of time

This world will realize that

We aren’t that cruel

Than we can

claim the victim


🥀Fall cleaning 🥀

Tonight I am cleaning two things. My room and my backpack. My room is a mess! No one can walk through my room without tripping into piles of clothing. I am also giving away clothes that do not fit me. If anyone wants anything that I have I will charge you like From 2 to 10 bucks. This in which will make me get rid of thing and get some money on the way! My backpack on the other hand isn’t that bad. I’m switching from medium to big. Meaning I’ll have a more space for things. Such as shoes, extra clothing, jackets ect. I can finally stop going to my locker 24/7! Now will you excuse me I gotta clean before midnight.

~ bella

Assassination Classroom ⚡️

Do you ever get mad at the teachers? Got a low grade or forgot homework? Try a demon octopus that taken a Big Crunch of the moon an is threatening to destroy the earth. Take class E. The best of the best of assasnations but not education.Rhey try to kill him every first period. Will they kill him?


Daily Affirmations ☀️

This little girl has more positive skills than I will ever! I need to relearn to,do this. Right now, life’s harder than ever but people that I care about help me. They help me fight my battles every day. Even though I’m just a little girl in a big blue sea.


Planting 🌱💐

What makes me feel calm is planting plants. It’s fun and takes a lot of time out of my Sunday.For me I try to reduce stress because school stressful. If you like planting as well than we should hang out one day and talk!

– Isabella

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School is kicking me hard 🎭

Yes I’m serious. School is hurting me so much. I think I’m failing like all of my classs and it’s only the 3’d week of school. I’m trying my best. Every one in this school is trying there best. I hope they are because when we go into college, they will look at our seventh grade year. If your thinking about giving up … DONT! Trust me here. There is so much potential in each and every one of you. Take a risk.

Dont give up my children,


Night night kiddos 😴

Currently where I am it’s 10:40 pm. Tomorrow I have to wake up SUPER early. I have cross country at 7 in the morning. I don’t know why they have to make it so Early in the morning. I’m definitely not a morning person but hey that’s okay! I struggle with sleeping the most. Every time  I get in bed it’s like sleep is out partying at a club instead of in bed. Well I’m going to bed now ( or try ).

Goodnight my children,


✨Welcome back to school ✨

Ah school,the place where everyone’s dreams are crushed by the staff and peers. In my school we definitely have staryotype. Oh I mastered staying away from the “popular” girls and boys.This school is like the war of Vietnam. I know that I should be thankful that I have a great education and that bla bla blaa but I hate the social aspect about this place. Anyways I just want to say is that. If I don’t survive this year than it was nice knowing all you beautiful people.

Keep dreaming,