ISR Book?

My isr book is Ready Player One. So fair I really like that book It’s about Wade Wats going into that Oasis and trying to collect James Halliday’s easter egg which if you find gives you full control over the Oasis. So far in the book Wade Wats has gotten the first key. While he was getting the key he ran into Art3mis an Oasis blogger devoted to finding The keys and Finding James Halliday’s Easter egg. Once Wade got out of the dungeon were the first key was he read the message on the key and saw that he needed to go to Small Vill were the first gate was. Once he got there he looked at the Scoreboard at the center of the planet and saw that Art3mis had gotten the first key. The first gate was  a challenge were he needed to reenact a movie. Once Wade passed the first gate he received 10 levels and a bunch of armor and charms.


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