The Discovery of Planet 9

A couple months ago, scientists everywhere noticed something. There was a blank spot, within the boundaries of the solar system, and whenever rouge comets or asteroids went near it, their orbits would be affected in strange ways. They later figured out that a Neptune-sized body exists out there.

Pixabay CC0
Pixabay CC0

How do they think it got there?

Astronomers and scientists think that in the period of the birth of the solar-system, when the planets were beginning to form, that a forming planet was somehow flung into the far reaches of the solar system, where the Suns light doesn’t shine. It would be within the boundarys of our solar system, but we haven’t discovered it until now because you can’t see it, even with the most high powered telescope. Astronomers have concluded that it’s elliptical orbit will take it to orbit the sun every 15,000 years.

Whats it made out of?

As much as I want it to actually be an alien spaceship or a revolving Death Star, it’s looks to be a gas giant about the size of Neptune, but it’s real size remains unknown. The only way we we can see anything about it is that whenever a comet goes near a certain spot, its orbit is affected as if there is a large body there. Say if an asteroid came near earth, then it’s orbit would be affected by earths gravity, and the same thing happens to comets when they go near the planet nine area.

That's no space station... It's a moon! Val Klavans via Compfight

Ill write more on this fascinating topic soon, but I feel that this is already pretty long for a first post.

6 thoughts on “The Discovery of Planet 9

  1. Actually, this is just a theory. It has not been confirmed of existence. There is no visual evidence of this existence. There are only predictions.

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