Two very good books about space

Besides being an amazing book series and movie, The Hichhikers Guide to the Galaxy  by Douglas Adams is a book about space. But it’s not what you would think.

It’s actually a quirky, funny book that has more nonsense humour than anything. If you’ve read it, you know what I’m talking about.  The books themselves poke fun at a lot of topics like religion, the government, money, and so much other stuff. Just to make fun of some people’s religious beliefs, the storyline passes over a whole race of people that believe that they are the snot of thier God, and they were merely sneezed out of their gods nose, and they greatly fear the coming of the tissue to wipe them up. Yeah, there is a whole race that believes just that. Anyway, a good, goofy, God abusing book.

The Matrian by Andy Weir is also a really good book and movie about space. I don’t want to spoil too much, but Mark Watney is a NASA botanist who is stranded on Mars with some potatoes, water, air, and pretty much nothing else. How will he make it back to earth? Will he?…

One final note: these books and and movies contain some mature content, such as laungage. I’ve read both the books and seen both the movies, and there is some use of swear words in both. Just a warning. Otherwise I highly recommend you read both of these books. The Martain is more science-space minded, and the Hitchhikers Giuide is just silly and hilarious.

4 thoughts on “Two very good books about space

  1. I enjoyed reading The Martian as much as I enjoyed the movie. Did you know that author Andy Weir began the book as installments on his blog? His readers grew in numbers, and it was their following and praise of the story that prompted him to self-publish on Amazon. From there, the book was picked up by a publishing house. Cool!

  2. Now I really need to read/watch The Martian! I read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and really loved it. there’s a bluebonnet book I read called Lost Planet and really liked it. Just a recommendation on what book to read next.

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