How to build a Death Star (and kill the universe)

Step one: collect all the sand on the entire earth.

Step two: melt it all into a LOT of glass.

Step three: make a giant magnifying glass.

Step four: magnify the Suns light and shine it at the nearest planet. Just like the death day on the Death Star.

Step five: the planet will melt, and so will your magnifying glass.

Step six: now that the planet is gone, the gravitational balance will shift, causing earth to go flying into the sun. Yay.

Step seven: the sun will explode, and destroy the solar system as it turns into a black hole.

Step nine: the black hole will swallow the entire universe and every dimension. Even Harambae.;(

Step ten: congrats, you killed the universe!

8 thoughts on “How to build a Death Star (and kill the universe)

  1. There’s one problem with your proposition. The sun isn’t big enough to implode into a black hole. It would have to be at least 10x bigger to get remotely close to that. It would simply collapse into a white dwarf!

    1. I know that, it was meant to be more funny that serious.
      The Suns diameter is about 1 billion meters, and it’s mass is 1.989 x 10^30 kg. But that would just make it a white dwarf. If it wanted to achieve full gravitational collapse, Its mass would have to be at least 2 to 100 times more massive than our sun. Any bigger and it would turn into a supernova. Then it would really destroy the solar system.

  2. Hey, its me Thomas from Australia again, and I like your tutorial… I rate it a 10/10 because it will definitely work. Maybe…
    But one thing… you forgot step eight.

    One lesson you need to learn. If you want to build a successful death star, no detail can be left out or Luke Skywalker will come again with his X-Wing fleet and blow it up.

    …BOOM! goes Harambae 😛

    1. It would be suspicious, and how you get all the sand in the world, I have no idea. But all I need to do is point it at earth; BAM! Oceans melted, atmosphere reduced to vapor, certain extinction.

  3. Following up on what Jackson said, black holes are extremely unstable. Your black hole is most likely to colapse before it destroys the entire universe.

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