How to Improve your Death Star

Follow these simple do it yourself steps in order to ensure mass chaos with your Death Star.

  1. Don’t have a passage going straight to the core. Cover it up, where the rebels cant fly their X-WINGS right in and blow up your beautiful homemade Death Star.
  2. Put rocket boosters on your Death Star. Make it mobile.
  3. Dont leak the darn force field pass codes. You don’t want the rebels to bypass your security THAT easily. At least give them a challenge.
  4. Don’t have so many robots controlling every thing. Robots can’t do near as many things as humans can do.
  5.  Don’t have so many humans controlling everything.  Humans are nowhere near as smart as robots.
  6.  Train your Clone Troopers and Clone Pilots a lot better. They can’t aim! They can’t fly spacecraft! And don’t have entire leigions of troops cloned off of the same one person. Bad idea.
  7. Make sure your Darth Vader won’t turn on your Palpatine.
  8. Get Vader a makeover. Seriously, the guy is hideous.


Now now that you’ve followed these simple steps, you homemade Death Star will be even harder to explode! Have fun wiping out planets!


Also can someone let me know: is *Death Star* is copyrighted? I feel like is should know, before writing this.

4 thoughts on “How to Improve your Death Star

  1. Hey, its me again from Australia.
    I just remembered all the new star wars movies scheduled to come out for the next four years. I was wondering if you knew them? Here they are if you don’t…
    (This Year) Rogue One – A Star Wars Story is a prequel coming out in December this year and it is based with a few rebels who are trying to get the plans for the Death Star.
    (Next Year) Star Wars Episode 8 is coming out.
    (2018) A movie about either Boba Fett or Han Solo is coming out.
    (2019) Star Wars Episode 9.
    (2020) Another movie about either Boba Fett of Han Solo (Which ever they don’t make first in 2018.)

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