The Dragon’s Keep

Here’s a random poem I wrote. I like it and hope you will too, though I don’t usually post random poetry like this. Maybe this can be something new called Random Poetry Wednesday.

The Dragon’s Keep
By Me, Jack
Inspired by “The Lord of the Rings” by J. R.R. Tolkien

The ancient strong gate protects the fate
Of the people of River Town
And the dragon that reaped is still asleep
‘Til the fire comes barrelling down

The dwarves are mad
Because the dragon is bad
He took the Arkenstone
And he will pillage your village
Until there’s nothing left
But stone and piles of bone

But in The Dragon’s Keep
Is surely where you’ll find
Mountains of gold and jewels
And plenty spells to bind

You’ll have to risk your life
To get in The Dragon’s Keep
But if you can manage to do it
You’ll be standing in gold, knee deep.

I just wanted to write something old, and fantasy-like, like Lord of the Rings or something like that. The magic and adventure is so cool! Dwarves, treasure hoards, dragons, wizards, witches, evil powerful entities. Epic fantasy is certainly one of my favourite genres of anything. As far as writing this, I just picked out what the lines would be about and went from there.

2 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Keep

  1. Cool, but if you like poetry look at my blog. You could also look on Leah’s blog. She has the saddest, but the best poem in the world. Hope you take my suggestion.

  2. “And he will pillage your village
    Until there’s nothing left
    But stone and piles of b one”

    These are my favorite lines. I love the internal rhyme!

    I think you were successful in achieving that “old” tone and Tolkien feel. Well done!

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