SpaceX’s Rocket, My thoughts


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As some know, one of SpaceX’s glorious    Falcon 9     rockets was engulfed in a fire ball and destroyed on September 1, 2016. As it went down, it destroyed a 2 million dollar radio tower to be used for communication with satellites. During a pre-launch-test fueling, the rocket just kind of went BOOM. There was no heat source anywhere near the rocket, as the engines were not on and fuel doesn’t just spontaneously combust like that.

Just before the explosion, an eerie BANG! can be heard, almost like a shot from a rifle. Not saying it is a rifle shot, just that it sounds like one.

The investigation has gone on for a while now. And there is actually evidence of potential sabotage. In some videos of the rocket explosion, there appears to be a figure on the roof of a nearby supply building. And the audible BANG! that comes seconds before the initial fireball.


Piecing it all together, there is an unknown person standing on the roof of a nearby building with some sort of rifle, who shot the rocket and made it explode. I’m not saying that’s what happened, in fact it’s hardly possible, but there is evidence of sabotage from a rival independent space company.

This is not very good. I’m gonna write more soon, but for now, I’ll just leave it at that. And no, I’m not going to post another poem. Your welcome.


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  1. I saw a SpaceX rocket launch last year in Orlando. It was pretty cool. I’m not sure about your Falcon9 sabotage theroy would be my theory, but it’s plausible.

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