The Rocket Mystery is Solved

My last post was about how sabotage may have been involved with the explosion of SpaceX’s falcon9 rocket, but sadly, that is not the case. What actually happened is not as exiting.


So, what I’ve found, according to the source .here. Is that deep inside the rocket, there are these oxygen tanks, but they’re not what you would think. By “oxygen” they mean oxygen at -340 * Fahrenheit. The only problem was that the oxygen got too cold, so it reacted with the carbon in separate tanks, which then exploded. Apparently, this is also the first time this problem has occurred in the history of rocketry.


Personaly, I think it would be way more exiting to have sabotage from a rival company involved. But this is cool too. Either way, there were explosions involved.


But, there is a good part involved. SpaceX says that expects to be up and flying again soon, and that they’re figuring repairing and rebuilding their rocket, this time, hopefully with warmer oxygen.

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