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For this post, I am going to talk about drones and my experience with them. So far, I haven’t had a single bad experience with drones, and I own two of them. That means that there is a higher chance that I’m eventually gonna wreck one of them,  or get them lost in a tree, or get them shot down by my neighbors with Airsoft guns. And when that day comes, it’s gonna stink, but so far, the skies have been clear for me.


My drones:

Propel Batwing drone

-can do flips

-does not have a camera

-looks really cool

-kind of small.

-3 speed settings

-responsive and easy to fly

-bottom facing props

Now, I would not normally expect much from a smaller micro drone, but this one works really well. I guess the company “Propel” really known what they’re doing.

Holy Stone FPV X400c 

-can do flips

-moderate flight skills needed

-has a live camera feed (could use some work)

-headless mode included

-smartphone wifi pairing with the camera for live feed

-normal props

The controller itself is another thing:

-it has a button to take off and land

-you cannot take off manually, which is annoying sometimes

-you can land manually, and frankly, I would, because I really don’t trust the auto-land feature.

-flips at the touch of a button

-good flight range

This drone has a camera, which is pretty cool. I have gotten some nice photos and videos from the air, and the flips are really smooth too. Now keep in mind that this drone is a lot bigger than my other one, so it can fly faster and farther.

Charge times:

The Batwing: 45-50 minutes to charge, and 6-7 minutes of flight time, depending on the speed settings.

Holy Stone X400c

60 minutes to charge, 6-7 minutes of flight time.


Photos and Videos 


These are some nice pics I took at sunrise and sunset. The Sunrise was on a particularly foggy and rainy day morning.

Sunrise photo by me.

Sunset photo by me.

And so I’ll leave this post with a video of the Camera drone doing flips.

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