Choir UIL Constest

The bus ride was hilarious. ┬áIt was 10/10 the best part of the trip. Why? Well, if I told you, I would probably get in trouble. Let’s just say it involved maybe throwing Fruit Snacks. And then picking them ALL up. The rest of it was kinda boring, but still fun. And at UIL, that was the second best part. My choir got a 1 in sight reading and a 2 in singing, 1 being the best and 5 being the worst. So no fives at least.

As far as preparing for UIL, we could’ve done a bit better. That’s probably why we didn’t get all ones. But a one and a two is better than I thought we would do. Call me a doubter, but I thought that weould get a 3 overall. Then we somehow did awesome.

And in 1 week we get to go to Six Flags! It’ll be awesome. We don’t even have to sing or anything, just pure fun and no learning. The best kind of field trip. I’m not even sad that all the other choirs did better than us. It was awesome.

2 thoughts on “Choir UIL Constest

  1. Haha! I wish I was still in choir, I was last year but decided to do Athletics this year… I don’t know if it was a good idea or not. I didn’t realize that I could’ve gone to six flags, I would’ve stayed if I knew. Cool post, I wish I could have som fruit snacks.

  2. Six Flags is tommorow. Good job on UIL. Don’t set your expectations for a 3, be positive. Our choir got sweepstakes (all 1’s) because we were positive.

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