Last One!!

This is the last blog post, and this is the only one im actually going to take seriously. I’m just happy that I don’t have to get any more of these blog posts done. It’s a burden, ever week, to type one up, and I don’t know what to write about most of the time. Meeting people online through the edublogs system was cool, and that’s fun and everything, but I’m glad to get a break from writing about “something space related” every week.

Also, there’s only three weeks left of school, and I’m already done. It’s summer already, and I don’t hardly care about school work anymore. Of course I’ll still do the stereotypical math homework, and my science assignments and whatever, but I’m just ready for a break. Goodbye school, hello vacation to Europe and Ireland.

So yeah. Yay! Summer is here, and I think the 15th is a holiday, so we get that day off. Then three whole months to forget everything I was taught here! Just kidding. I’ll remember at least 70% of leafing stuff. And then eighth grade, and that’s gone be… I don’t even know. All I want now is summer. Rest and relaxation for all. Except that the teachers want us to keep our iPads, so they can send us GC work, but I’m not gonna do any of it.

Done. Yay. This blog post is exactly 234 words.

One thought on “Last One!!

  1. Good work this year, Jack!

    We’re not done yet in English class…you’ve got the story of Jean Valjean to look forward to, and two more compositions: your open letter and an analysis of theme in Les Miserables 🙂


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