My Lullaby

I’ve always had this saying that reminds me of my interests; Metal is my lullaby, and I sometimes can’t go a day without listening to Eye of the Beholder. I’m not saying that I don’t respect other mainstream pop music, and there’s nothing I have against it. I just prefer to listen to rock or metal, and always have. However, Rap is a different story.

There is some Rap out there that I find having clever lyrics that talk about something real, that is a problem in our world, or just singing about something that has influenced them. But most mainstream rap has lots of profanity and talks about mostly one thing, and I won’t name it. I’ve been influenced by rock and metal since 4th grade, and my passion for it has grown ever since.Metallica - Kill 'Em AllCreative Commons License steviep187 via Compfight Notice: This is an album cover. Not my idea of a message of any sort.

I started playing guitar in 3rd grade, and never really practiced much until music started to become a major influence in my life. I love Metallica, Aerosmith, and many other metal and rock bands. I also share that passion for Jazz, and classical music. I play a Saxophone in an orchestra and Jazz band. I have been fascinated by music ever since I got into Metallica in 4th grade. I like to think of myself as someone who has a fair knowledge of music theory, and someone who has an above average skill in music. I try not to let it go to my head though.

4 thoughts on “My Lullaby

  1. I enjoy some rap music, especially if there’s a story to be told: Macklemore’s “My Oh My” and of course, Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton. Those are categorized by some as rap, but not by all 😉

  2. I love Metallica. I actually discovered them in 7th grade myself. That was when the …And Justice for All album came out. The video for One was like nothing I’d ever seen or heard before: melodic, intense, poetic, thought-provoking…

    As an aside, I also love the Bepop Jazz artists such as Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie!

    Being open to and recognizing excellence in varied genres is a great trait to have whether you’re evaluating music, novels, or food. Keep exploring!

  3. Dude…Kill em All….one of my favorites!! But I have a wide appreciation for music…just like you. Keep shreddin on guitar..and keep blowin’ out them sax reeds…lol….California misses you Dawg!!! Uncle D

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