About Holes by Louis Sachar

Right now I am reading Holes by Louis Sachar. I love this book so far. I am at the part where Stanley yelnats is teaching zero how to read. For those of you that don’t know what Holes is is is a book about a kid named Stanley. He lives in a poor environment and seems to always be in he wrong place at the wrong time. One day he was walking and these shoes “fell from the sky.” And the police caught him “stealing” them so he gets the choice to go to jail or go to camp green lake located in West Texas. So he goes to camp. When he gets there he meets mr.sir and he is informed of what you do at camp. Dig holes. And that’s i will tell you from here. But I definitely recommend this book so far.  It is like everything you want out of a book.




  1. Soundes like a really great book and I will probably start reading it. You explained it really well to.


    1. Good job I read that book it is good. My faviorate character is Stanley yelnats he is also the main character.


  2. This book was so good. You should watch the movie too.


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