Free Day

Heeeeeeeeey, today I am talking about how I got to not go to Six Flags.

Last week the majority of 7th graders went to Six Flags, me, being an uncultured potato, isn’t in band, choir or orchestra. So I didn’t get to go. That day was entirely watching movies, except for Math, we had to do work in math class.

In first period, athletics, we got to play basketball, which is practically unheard of because we always have to work.

2nd period was a movie, we watched Night at the Museum and in third period we watched Despicable Me. It was one of the easiest, most boring and all around annoying days. I would have much rather been at Six Flags, but I decided to not join choir this year.

I didn’t mind it at all, I’ll take a free day whenever I can; however, having a day with friends at six flags would most likely beat anything in the entire world.

Alright, I guess I’ll be done. I don’t need to bore you more than usual. Also! I almost forgot! This is the last blog post of the year… oh my god… It’s gone by so fast. I guess this is it… Meh whatever.

La Musica

Back again, with another weeks worth of 200 words. Today I’m talking about music!

I’ve started listening to more music, more frequently. It mostly ranges from P!ATD(Panic! at the Disco) to Green Day, so you could say I’m edgy. Yeah, totally… I have never realized how fun– yet awkward–mouthing along to a song can be. Half the time I’m just doing my thing listening to my edgy music when all of a sudden my dad, my brother or even my cat walk in.(Yes I have gotten scared by my cat walking to my room)

It’s gotten to the point where I have to sweep over the whole area of our house to make sure nobody comes in while I’m singing Boulevard of Broken Dreams, It’s quite unnerving. Also, what’s with the song titles, right? I mean, have you seen them? Half the P!ATD songs are literally demonic. Yet, very cool. Also yes, I realize how unlike myself I sound, I’m normally all about dankos mems but I thought I’d switch it up. Maybe  I’m becoming edgelord… Anyways, I think I’m gonna be done now, adios mis amigos, hasta la próxima semana.

Oooh, are we gonna get to 200? We’ll see…


It’s your host, killer keemstar

So recently my ´squad´and I moved to a new lunch table.

Es danko. Everyday it´s just dank memes, yesterday we started playing dora the explorer and everyone hated us. The day before that we started singing Smash Mouth All Star to a teacher, it was genuinely beautiful. There’s always a new meme here! Come to the atrium outside and come watch us dank it up over here.

Half the time I don´t even eat my lunch cause I´m too busy being the lead singer of the dank mem cover band. Our songs include Thomas the dank engine, what do you meme and all the best, exd dankos

Thanks for considering buying tickets to our concert, see you soon dudemos.


Once again, I’ve started playing another game! This one is called Rust. Basically in Rust you need to survive other players, animals, and cacti? Rust is one my favorite games.

Well first of all, its basically like every other survival games but it has one major difference. It’s spicy-er ;). I have been spending most of time playing it lately, so I might have a bias, but it is the best game in the world.

You have no idea how fun this game is with friends, it has so many different ways to go about completing objectives, there is no main objectives, the only one is to survive. You really need to try to survive, there is no easy way to do it. You need to go outside, and risk getting killed by another player or animal.  It really is the survival of the fittest. It’s possible to go as far into technology as you want, for example you could make a sniper rifle with a silencer, scope and flashlight. It’s so fun to make new items that will aid you in your travels.

Rust is one of those games that you can spend days playing on the same server and never get bored because there is just so much to do. Sometimes it’s a good thing, and sometimes not so much, but all in all, Rust is a great game.

Not So Mlg Plays

Do you ever feel, like a plastic ba– wait no that’s katy perry

Do you ever feel like you just wanna lay down and die?

WELL THATS CSGO! Yesterday I was playing a lot of CS:GO with my friend Bork M. and some bad stuff was happening…

No matter what we did we just kept on losing games. We played from 4:30 to 9:30 and didn’t win a single game! It’s really amazing how bad I am. Every time I either did the worst on the team or the best… why can’t I just be average?!? It really sucked because I just ranked up on Tuesday and the day after that I risk losing it because I can’t play the game. It really was not fun. No bueno mal tiempo–that doesn’t relate to the story it’s just a thing I say now(it means not good bad weather)–it was really starting to get to my nerves, because my friend, Bork M, was one game away from getting his rank. One win! That’s all we needed! But no, we kept on losing, over and over and over again. Hopefully today will be better.

So yup, that’s why I wanted to lay down and die, a videogame. I don’t have an addiction… I DON’T HAVE AN ADDICTION. Seeya :3



Recently I’ve been trying to figure out what to call my blog readers, then I realized…

nobody actually reads my blog on a daily basis.

Let’s get rooooight into the newsssss! I have been playing CS:GO a lot lately, I’m not gonna lie, I am a pro player. (I am silver 2, the second to lowest rank.) So I won’t bore you with the details, but basically there are two teams and they fight, yadadada…

Each team has 5 players, and most of the time what ends up happening, is the entire team dies except for one person and they have to clutch it. That’s what happened to me,(basically clutch means you are outnumbered but you still win the round)literally my entire team died, not one survived, and I was the last one. 1v5 with a dream I pushed onto A site, and hide in a corner. 2 rushed me, I tapped down one and headshot the other… 1v3…

One at a time they came at me, I threw down a smoke grenade and hid in it, they all grouped up and we’re practically right on top of me, the smoke cleared… and I sprayed my weapon like a crazy person. I took down 2 before the last one ran away. 1v1 situation, I had 10 seconds left or else the CT’s would  win the round, I ran onto catwalk and saw the enemy… with 2 seconds left I aimed at his head and fired…

I missed and we lost. It did help win us the game, because there economy was shattered after that.

Hope you enjoyed my story! :d




Weird Occurences

Recently, some weird stuff has been happening. Maybe it’s the flu going around or maybe people are just out of it. Let me tell you some funny stories…

Yesterday, I was writing about CS:GO in my Writers Notebook, when all of a sudden, somebody tells me “CS;GO sucks, it’s just a rip off of Overwatch.”


Let me tell you the release dates of those two games real quick,

Overwatch– Released May, 2016.

CS:GO– Released August, 2012.

What a rip off amirite. Anyways, like I said, more than that one thing has been happening, for example,

Every day, I see a 6th grader walking around the halls. You see, this 6th grader is pretty dank. I walk by him maybe 3-4 times per day, and every time I saw him, he looked at me and just stared… literally just stared. Even when he passed me, he just stared at the back of my head. Our final crossing, I asked him why and he said,

“ur face is pretty kewl xd”



So, this has been a lot of one liners so I’m just gonna end it off. Woop, I love me some 12 paragraphs.


RIP Tree House 2k17-2k17

hows it slouchin braden

Recently I’ve been playing this game called The Forest, it’s about cannibals, plane crash and you know, all the other video game stuff.

Sadly, something happened in this game, in which I feel needs to be remembered in an honorable way, whilst building up the base, the tree house, that I’d worked on for in-game days, caught on fire. At first I didn’t notice, but the cannibals had thrown a molotov at it and it caught fire. It was lit fam for a couple minutes before it finally died. I couldn’t do anything to stop it, so I just sat there in horror as my only home and just came crashing down. I had no place to sleep! I was practically dead, hopefully I can turn it around.

Let’s all take a moment of silence for the treehouse that kept me safe for 2 days…

ripperoni treehouseroni

Mlg Plays 3


So you know MOBIZ? Well, I left.

Overwatch was getting boring and I didn’t want to keep playing. (Plus i had to focus on school, but that’s #2 on my list) one night I told everyone I was gonna leave and I have been chilling since. It’s been fun and someday I hope to join them again. It’s weird ever since I started playing with them, my grades have dropped… coinicedence? I think not.  I’m really gonna miss them, they told me today that they were gonna join a tournament.

Maybe they’ll win. If so, I could say I was part of a tournament winning Overwatch team. I just don’t like Overwatch right now though, I really want to like it because a new ‘big’ update is coming out, TODAY. So hopefully I can muster enough boredom to log on.

aight fam, killer meme star out.



It’s ya boi, back at it again with another trash post.

Anyways, today I am talking about a little thing called athleticism. No, not atheism, ath-let-i-cis-m. For me, it doesn’t really mean anything. Cause well, I’m not the most athletic kid, but I am in 1st period athletics which suuuucks! We have to go out right when we get to school and run around. It’s so tiring some days I think I might throw up.

However, I have been seeing a noticeable difference. I am getting faster! I am not dead last anymore! We ran some 40 yard dashes and I was doing pretty well. Yesterday I won a 200 yard dash which was my biggest accomplishment since I.. uhm, well I haven’t really accomplished much of anything else. Did I tell you I’m on an Overwatch team?

I’m still proud of myself for winning a race… ;3