ISR Post

I’m reading Swagger by  Carl deuker . It’s a book about a high school basketball player that is trying his best to get into a good college he moved from California to Seattle. He is trying to get accepted into monitor college. When he moved to Seattle he met a kid names Levi. Levi is very nice and religious he revises to hurt anyone. He is very tall and strong he plays on the basketball team with Jonas. He does not get very good grades. The year before Jonas came he had two Ds in the grade book so he couldn’t play the last half of the year. They met a adult names Hartwell  who is now the assistant coach of the team and he is also a teacher there. Jonas wanted to help Levi get better grades and tutor him but he needs to focus on his grades because if he doesn’t he won’t get into the college. So he got hartwell to Totur him. That’s as far as I’ve got in the book. But that’s a summery of the book Swager by Carl deuker.