Easter Weekend

Im really excited for Easter on Sunday. Although this is our first year not hiding eggs to look for we are getting our baskets full of candy and other cool stuff like money and gift cards.

We are also watching a movie I don’t know what yet but we were thinking about seeing a comedy that’s out I don’t know the name of it but it looks funny. My Mom was kinda iffy about it because it is rated R, so we will see if we watch it.

And lastly we are going to have a really nice dinner. We are having tenderloin and mashed potatoes vegetables with cheese sauce also cornbread rolls and finally we are having a type of soup. It has a tomato broth with fish tomatos and a lot of other ingredients. We also had a dinner like this on Christmas but it wasn’t quite this good.

In the end this is going to be a really good Easter and probably one of my favorites ever.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas!

Next Friday the Choir, Band and Orchestra are all going to Six Flags. I am kinda excited about it but also kind of sketchy. Only because my sister has been through it and she said there’s always that one person in your group who gets sick or is afraid to go on rides so you can’t do anything cause you have to stick with your groups.

But hopefully I don’t have to worry about someone like that in my group. I’m   trying to be optimistic because I might have a fun time. After all I do like roller costers.

Even if I don’t have fun at Sixx Flags I am sure it’s a lot more fun than sitting at school doing work all day. and I think I have a test that day in science so I can miss that and have an extra three days to study.

But back on the Six Flags topic I hope I get to go on the roller coasters. Last time I was there I went on every ride they have, well pretty much a passed on the whirlwind kiddy coaster. But the Iron Rattler and Super man are my favorite roller coasters ever.


The time I went to New York

On July second 2016 I went to New York City. It was really fun and cool. There is a lot to do there and so many cool places to go. Some examples are Central Park, Statue of Liberty, world trade center, etc.

We went to the world trade center one time- and me being afraid of heights had a terrible time- but any normal person would probably like it. You can literally see all of New York.

We also went on a really cool boat ride called (THE BEAST) it’s a speed boat that can reach super high speeds. And the crew messes with you and like sprays you with water and puts fake bugs on you,

Going to New York was one of my favrot trips though there is so much to do and see there If any one was thinking about going there I would recommend it.

The Super Bowl


I am excited about the Super Bowl beetween the Patriots and the Falcons. I would rather see the Seahawks and the Patriots but it’s fine. I think these are the two best teams in the league. But not the two most exiting to watch.

For me it’s all about the Falcons defensive line. If they can get constant preasure on  Tom Brady he will have to get rid of the ball quickly and make mistakes. The falcons offence should be good tho they can put up lots of points quickly. And that will also demorilize the patriots witch is good. You need to get them out of rather fast.

If you can’t tell already I am rooting for the falcons I actually don’t really like the falcons but I hate the Patriots. I don’t like them cause there too good and they beat rhe Seahawks in super bowl 49. Due to a terrible play call by Pete carrol (throwing instead of running it with marshawn lynch). But we were owning them all game until that last moment. I’m just saying if we had a good line we would of easily won that Super Bowl.

The Pro Bowl

I watched the Pro Bowl on tv Saturday expecting it to be terrible. But instead I actually kinda liked it there was a lot more contact in this one than the last one. They actually hit eachother like football players should. And also there were some good plays,

last year tho they could literaly just lay a finger on the ball carrier and the refs would blow the whistle. And the score was way more than any normal game should be,

i think it is a disgrace to the sport to have the best players and not let them hit eachother.

The phantom of the opera

In English class when we read The Phantom of the Opera I personally did not enjoy it. I kinda liked some of the songs like masquerade.But other than that I didn’t like anything in the book. I didn’t get attached to any of the characters not even christeen.

And I also missed the second part of the movie due to being sick. But really I didn’t care at all the first part nearly bored me to death. I hated it I just wanted to go home while watching that movie. It was even more boring than math and that’s saying something.

Our basketball tournament

At our basketball tournament on Sunday we did really well,we won all three of our games and the only close one was the third. The first team we beat 71-21 the second we beat like 50-23 the third we won by like 10 but that only happened at the end when they fell apart.

The only thing that sucks is we didn’t get anything from winning all three of our games. I think at least we should get a medal to where around our necks.

The only problem with this is I’m sure there was other teams that won all three games so they can’t just give all of us medals but I kinda wanted something for doing so well.

My English poem

At The Seahawks Game

The smell of hotdogs and other food looming in the air

The people screaming hateful things to get in the opponent’s head

The true fans dressed up in crazy face paint and hats

The players on the field scanning for their next target

The sideline players waiting for a great play to cheer for

The crack of the pads when their is a huge hit

The roars of the crowd when the home team scores

The excitement when jimmy graham made the one handed catch

The cameras filming every inch of the field

The coaches with that dead look in their eyes until the game is done

The sigh of relief when your team has finally won

The only way you’ll get to feel this is at

Seahawks game.





AUTHORS NOTE: I love the Seahawks they are my favorite team I have liked them since I was little. I was born in Seattle so im not a bandwaggon

The West Lake football game tonight

I am excited for the football game. I think we can do very well because we have Nakia W and our third string RB. They are both good and should give us a big advantage in this game.

The team we are playing lost to the team we played lasht Friday 7 42. Which is a crushing defeat, and we beat the team they lost to 35 to 0. Which I’m not going to lie is embarrassing.

We don’t have Sam our QB, but our backups have been doing excellent. They have been giving opportunities to our wide receivers who have all had big successful games. We should destroy this team, so I am excited to see what happens.


our football game

In our football game Monday we had a terrible game we lost 0-26, but we did get to the 10 yard line multiple times but got pushed back do to bad snaps and penalty’s.

our line did pretty good for the most part but our snaps to the quarterback were bad. Most of the time they were over the quarterbacks head, so it would end up in a loss of yards.

Isaiah had a good game with a lot of yards but no touchdowns. We need to pick it up for our game against our rival hill country. And the last game of the year!