My Wonderful Writing Skills

Global Warming (Effetto Serra) Roberto Rizzato via Compfight 

On a dark and stormy night a young boy named Phil sat on his windowsill. He watched his plot set to action as the world was destroyed. (A week before this), no Bob don’t do that the mouse is cute, Phil said to his cat but the cat did not listen, this angered Phil, so he walked away to teach his cat a lesson for disobeying, then he came back and brought Bob home this angered Bob, so Bob hissed bit and scratched Phil, for this Phil decided he must make a plan to burn the earth because Bob should’ve listened to his commands. Then because of Bob’s disobedience he burned the earth with his magic powers.

He watched in excitement and happiness as the apartment burned to the ground, and laughed at the thought of what shall happen to the other stupid humans. I shall set their fate he sneered to himself. He wondered if he should use fire or water to extinguish the annoying human race. He decided to use water. He lifted his arms high above his head and summoned the water to drown the earth. Bob his cat did not like this so Bob ate Phil. Bob was a very fat happy kitty but he decided he wants to possess a human body. The next a set of people came into the pound he situated himself in and adopted him. Bob was very happy Bob got get inside of a boys head named Henry. His plot had just begun

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