The King Of Dirt

I am bobkarice the king of dirt ,dirt is wonderful, dirt is kind, dirt is the only friend I can trust. Every human, plant or, animal is stupid, but dirt is super smart nothing is smarter than dirt it has an IQ of like -10 which is like so smart or something like that. I think me and dirt always devise wonderful plans on how to rule the earth together, it was mostly dirt’s plan because of how much smarter he, is oh stop it dirt, no you are, no you are, oh he is so cool. He is mine I am so totally gonna kill this earth because of what a bad place it is, you are so right dirt we should burn the earth.

I will devise my perfect blowing up the earth plan with the help of my special friend named dirt. If we blow up the earth it shall only be me and dirt, hehehehe👹. We shall rule the burned and totally destroyed earth. First we must team up with the brilliant colony of dust particles. Me and dirt begged them to join us and they said yes by staying still and not moving. We all gathered and began blowing up the earth by nicely asking it to explode itself, but for some reason it wouldn’t do it.

We must kidnap the earth and make it explode itself I told dust and dirt. They didn’t answer but I know they agreed with me. So I grabbed a patch of the earth and told it I would only set it free once it blew itself up, but it still wouldn’t do it, this made me sad.

5 thoughts on “The King Of Dirt”

  1. I am genuinely interested on how you came up with this topic. Like WHAT! I am confused, but laughing, but I’m wondering why I’m laughing again. I really think it is a great story. If you even call it a story. Well done. Round of applause.

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