Billy Bob

Billy bob, billy bob, billy bobbbbbbbbb. Was the song billy bob would sing to himself as he shoveled the dirt of his sanity.


Billy B had always been an oddball, but when his family moved to the country and became farmers. He suddenly dropped his shovel and began to sob as his mind slowly crumpled. “And that’s a wrap!” The director shouted and as if on que, faster than imaginable, the cast packed up and left.


William (the actor who portrayed Billy Bob) for the first time in a long while, began to miss being a regular kid at school. As the over the top hummer limo dropped him off, he rushed to tell Karen his thoughts.


Karen was a full time nanny for him. She took the news shockingly, she thought nothing could be better than the life that he had. Still his wish was her command, but only if his famous parents would allow him. She called them and told them what wanted and they said yes, another shock to her.


She immediately enrolled him for the best private school in town, but he turned it down and asked for a public school. She enrolled him that night after much effort and convincing. William decided he wanted a fake name, we both decided on Brandon Smith.


Bland? Yes, but it shall do just nicely. The shining star collapsed in his bed dreaming nice thoughts of the school yet to come. The morning came just as fast as he fell asleep. He stretched, he yawned, and he hurried to choose his outfit.


He found he had nothing casual enough so he wore one of his costumes for when he starred in a school setting TV show. The next step was to die his hair brown, his blonde hair would be recognized because it was his trademark.


Once he finally decided he was ready he ran outside to his waiting chauffeur. He asked for a Mercedes so he wouldn’t be too flashy.

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