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Cake is more delicious than any other culinary arrangements, it’s delicious sugary, fluffy and sweet flavor soars above any and all other foods. If I could have anything in the world, it would be cake.

No other smell or taste could possibly beat an amazing, fresh, homemade chocolate sheet cake. With its gloriously baked to perfection inside covered  in a thick layer of chocolate icing, making it seem fit for the King of England himself. When you slide the pan out of the steaming oven, you start to wonder why you baked so much if you only baked it for yourself. Once you finish the first slice it passes right through you leaving you with only a split second of satisfaction so you have another piece, and another, and another, until all so suddenly there’s no more left. Making yourself restart the whole cycle to have the genius creation once again.

Once I’m ready for another great achievement for mankind; I browse Pinterest, and remember a delicious creation, called a beach cake. Then soon follows my favorite part: the decorating. The amazing beach; which is personally my favorite part, has delicious brown sugar completely engulfing it. The lucky people taking a vacation on the beach are represented by sour patch kids, and the funny little beach towels are fruit roll ups. In the blue sea of blue icing encircling the Island is goldfish and nerds, which are supposed to look like corral.

All in all, it’s a very, very delicious cake.