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Christmas. The wonderful time of year, where families narrowed down to the extended sides all come together, to enjoy the day that Christ was born. We celebrate together, we give gifts together, we remember lost relationships. The spirits lift your soul, make you feel joyous and in the “Christmas spirit.”  Christmas is the height of any relationships, it strengthens everything, it makes us the happiest we’ve been all year.

The music is a wonderful part of Christmas, it’s a thing to be excited for, something to lift our spirits at a party. It’s something I personally start listening to months before Christmas arrives at our doorstep. If you’re sad it’s proven to lift you spirits over 40% by listening to joyful, fun, and exciting music, not current music, like rap which actually lowers our mood by over 30%. 

Don’t forget the wonderful decorations, decorating is also a very fun part of Christmas. You get to have a tree in the middle of your living room, when else would someone do that? You get to slather it with ornaments and cover the tip of the tree with an angel or a star to remind us of what the holiday is actually celebrating. We get to chill by the fire, snuggling with those dear to us, and having love spread as fast as the plague, your mood is proven to affect those near you.

A huge memory of Christmas is the delicious food, our mother spends hours preparing for us because she loves to make us happy like she is. The gingerbread houses which were a family effort to piece together tastes delicious, reminding you that Christmas was a holiday to stray from your diet. The three course dinner your mother prepared for you so the family could have a bonding moment while they all enjoyed her amazing cooking. All of them remembered to thank her to make her feel like her time was well spent, and not neglected.

Last and certainly not considered least, the presents. This was also a very remembered holiday because your parents give you as many gifts you get on your birthday. The wonderful excitement of shopping for your family buying what they would love, and spending outrageous amounts for each of them, but it’s worth it because of their faces when they open the gift you knew they would love. The time of hugging your family when you see the gift that you love, and feeling so happy to have such a wonderful family. 

Soon after this the holiday ends, and everything goes back to normal, but I say why leave it that way? You had large amounts of happiness, and you became closer to those you love. This should happen the entire year, I’m not talking about the present or decorations. I’m talking about the love, the happiness, and the sense of self fulfillment when you do things to benefit your family, and the music which brings your happiness so much higher. If we could accomplish this, the relationships will be better than ever.

My sincere opinion,                                                                                                                                                             James Dupuy