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Man’s Greatest Mistake

All was peaceful through the summit on that fateful day, the birds sang, the trees danced, the bear cubs playfully fought as bear cubs do. The wind whistled, the sky painted letting its colors streak the sky.

Everything was happy on that fateful day, the lion and sheep lay side by side, the sky touched the earth in a caring way. The ocean reached up to the paradise of a beach and settled in comfort along with the rest.

This day has been the best so far they all agreed on that fateful day. Eventually night came, so they all spread their affections then pardoned themselves for an eternal slumber.

Suddenly they awoke to the loud roar of a beast, so horrid even Mother Nature shook. For there stood a whirring army waiting to tear them down. The first to fall was the forest of trees, no longer dancing or swaying as they lay motionless and dead. Then came the paradise beach, no longer beautiful as they plundered and plundered.

After they stacked up the rest of their murder they came for her and all of her treasure, they destroy for gold, they kill for diamonds, they are humans. The animals hid for what could they do against the monsters in front of them. Then it suddenly and viciously attacked her.

Mother Nature shrieked through the wind as though she’d been pierced by a thousand knives. Slowly the horrific, metallic, beast cut her in half with its mighty razor claws. The Earth rumbled in a sensation only she could cause, the sky turned dark as midnight, and thunder streaked across the skies.

As hard as she tried nothing destroyed the thousands of whirring automatons, nothing could stop them from wreaking havoc upon her creation. Shing-shing-shing was the noise that covered up nature’s cries of despair.

The monsters sliced her open without a second thought, destroying the homes of thousands. She was consumed rage of how mindless and evil these beings were she decided a hurricane must ravage this country, destroy the machines, and preserve life for the ages.

She will do all in her power to clean the Earth of such treachery. So she summoned with her mighty powers an ocean so big, she shook under the weight of her revenge. She drowned the Earth in her sorrows, to make them pay, and start a new Earth, with better morals, instead of greed and selfishness and all other sin.



                  My Author’s Note


I have always had an emotional link to nature and its many wonders, I decided to put all of my heartfelt, honest opinions into this piece of writing. During this 450 word poem I described the evil of destroying millions of homes and environments. How terrible it is to discover island paradises and the first thing most of the humans will do is just capture beautiful exotic birds, tigers, and other animals. To just destroy these amazing jungle trees just to have more wood, to kill native tribes just because they have diamonds of gold that man desires.