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The iPhone 8+

The iPhone 8 Plus. The wondrous creation, the future of technology. This amazing device has unbelievable features. It is water and dust resistant, which means you could go swimming with it and it would be fine. It’s camera is better than some professional cameras, it has a telephoto mode (crazy zoom), and it even is able to bring out every pixel of existence to increase the quality of the photograph.

This photo showcases a wireless charging pod that the phone rests on and charges through the very durable glass back. You can bring it anywhere you go and just hook it up and receive 100% charge in an hour, the iPhone 8 has a battery that lasts significantly longer than the iPhone 7. You may think that it’s a risk to buy a phone with a glass back because if you drop it it will crack, but that is incorrect the glass is reinforced with special substances which makes it almost virtually impossible to crack.