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The Alchemist

The Alchemist 

By: Michael Scott

The Alchemist is an amazing book involving history and a world you would only think of in your wildest dreams. The most successful writer in Ireland made an amazing series of books about the lives of two very interesting people named Perenelle Flamel and Nicholas Flamel.

This story is based on legends of two mortals that cheated death and opened themselves to a world full of magic and exciting adventures, this author is a literary genius that everyone should know about, in my opinion his books are better than the Harry Potter books but they are under appreciated and overlooked. If you love to read fantastic fantasy books I highly recommend this series.

For me when I read a book it transfers me to a different realm or a magical kingdom. The only way I can truly have that wonderful feeling is reading these incredible stories. I will always and forever read fantasy books, and if you don’t you should.

Thank you for reading my reflection on this book, and the way I see books for what they are; amazing, ingenious, works of art. I hope that you can discover the joy and excitement of a really good book.