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The Phantom’s Lair

Below the Opera in my desolate world, I pondered my revenge on the insufferable noble named Raul. I have a special trap set in action for his ignorance. As I thought of this I looked around my Lair only to have my gaze stopped by the piles upon piles of skeletons who in their earlier days had wronged me. I changed my gaze towards the sudden scurries of rats I had been sent to live with because of my abhorrent face.

Every lonely day of despair I spend in disgust brings my lust for revenge that much higher. I sat on my piano with a mannequin of my dear Christine playing away all my sorrows. Every so often the walls would crumble away making my prison of despair so dreadful.

All beings above in the world will never feel my pain. I will hang the as decor, I will make their skulls shape the door and become the monster they always wanted. I traveled through my strategically placed tunnels leading all around the Opera making for a glorious entrance and a mysterious escape.

J.K Rowling

Words (Palabras)Creative Commons License Juan Pablo Lauriente via compfight


One of the best author in history had a hard life before she turned to writing; she was abused by her husband, eventually they divorced but he left her as a single mother, she soon got postpartum depression, then considered committing suicide, while she was momentarily homeless. Then she became a writer and it all changed, it made her happy, and she soon gained 2 billion dollars from her books and movies.