My Review on: Down and Across by Arvin Ahrmadi

Over the past week I have been reading a book called Down and AcrossIt is a book about an Iranian boy-almost-adult who cannot focus on a certain subject. Sometimes he likes chemistry, sometimes he is into logic circuits, but he needs to pick a topic and work at it as he is almost in college. At the beginning of the story we are faced with him talking to his father about not wanting to study mouse poop anymore. His parents are very strict and his dad wants him to pursue something profitable like doctoring or engineering. When his parents leave for Iran for a month to check on his grandfather’s (Baba Bozorg) health, he hops on a bus to D.C. to see Prof. Cecily Mallard, a world class professor in psychology who came up with the idea that “grit is the most reliable factor of success”. Scott finds a couple friends along the way, aiding his success to find grit in himself, the willpower to keep going with something.