Dod #1

When I heard people talking about Fenrir a great big wolf who devours anything in his path,I knew I had to go defeat him.

So when Hrothgar was looking for brave soldiers I volunteered.A week later we headed on our way through the dense forests to find this mysterious beast.Until one day we found a clear path of fallen down trees with footprints the size of a hut.We then decided to follow them until we heard a growl that sounded like an erupting valcano.Some soldiers ran and hid behind trees and bushes but me and Hrothgar stayed brave even though Fenrir was bigger than expected .

We then started charging at the beast with our mighty swords and shields,Fenrir then swung around and with one tail whip he flung us at least 1,000 yards away.Fenrir then chased after us until I found my way into his mouth.I then started lance at his insides until he died.

When we returned to the village,we were cheered on as we drug the beast using the help of Zeus.I was then caught off guard by Fenrir’s sons who then attacked me,Hrothgar, and Zeus.We then had to hold a funeral for Hrothgar a few months later,as he died in battle,the end.


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